Pty Company Registration

Want to register your new Business as a Pty Company with CIPC and the DTi ? We assist Clients from all over South Africa to register a new Company with CIPC and the DTi by using our quick and easy online Company Registration process.

We are Company Registration Specialists who register South African Companies with the CIPC (previously known as CIPRO), and ensure that your new PTY Company (previously known as a CC) complies with the most recent Companies Act of South Africa.

Why use a Company Registration Specialist?
  • Fast timeframes: We register Companies 12 times faster online. We process your documents in LESS than 24 hours. Thereafter your application is sent to CIPC who needs to clear your application.
  • Simple Requirements: We make your Company Registration process very easy:

                 -Step 1: you have to apply online, and
                 -Step 2: then email us a copy of your ID / Passport. There is no need for you to visit the CIPC’s offices.

  • Easy with a Professional Consultation: A dedicated professional Consultant takes care of your Company Registration process – available on a Toll Free Number, Landline Number, Cell Phone and Email.
  • Guaranteed service – or your money back:  We have more than 8 years’ experience of representing our Clients at the Registrar (CIPC).  The entire process is done over the Internet. No lost documents and no frustration. See our Money-back guarantee here

Please choose the new Company Registration Option which suits you best:

RegisterCompanyOption12014RegisterCompanyOption2c*View latest timeframes here

All Company Registration Options include:

REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS COR14.3: Company Registration Certificate (this used to be called the CK1 document in the days of CCs).
COR14.1 and CoR14.1A: Appointments of Directors.
COR15.1A: The Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) – CIPC’s recommended version.
These are all the Registration Documents which your business needs to operate as an entity after registration.
QUICKEST TIMEFRAME We register your Company in the quickest possible timeframe. Our process takes less than 24 hours. CIPC normally takes 5-7 working days to process a New Pty with a New Name ; and 48 hours to process a New Pty with a Shelf Name. View latest timeframes here
ONLINE REGISTRATION We register your Company online from ANY LOCATION in South Africa.
TOLL FREE SUPPORT Call us at 0800 007 269 during business hours for professional support and queries.
A DEDICATED CONSULTANT Your own contact person (consultant) will assist you with your company registration and represent you at CIPC.
FREE NAME SEARCH We will make sure your preferred company name is unique on CIPC South Africa’s system.
COMPANY NAME GUARANTEE We guarantee that you will receive a successful reserved Company Name (of one of your preferred names). NO additional fees will be charged for ‘Name Rejections’.  In the unlikely event that your Company Name Reservation is unsuccessful, we apply again at no extra cost until you receive at least 1 successful Reserved Company Name of your choice.

 Press Release:



“Register your new company up to 12 times faster online”

” The CIPC ( DTi ) system has recently been overloaded with company registrations. This left many entrepreneurs waiting for a month or longer to receive their much needed start-up documentation, especially if they want to register their company with a name. (a website by Business Care) has streamlined and personalised this process online, enabling an aspiring new company owner to have all his/her required documentation in as little as 48 hours… click here to read full article ”


It is easy to register your new Company through us, all you need is:

  • access to the internet and an email address.
  • all South African applicants should have valid SA ID’s and foreigners should have valid Passport documents.
  • all applicants should be above 18 years of age.

If you comply with the above requirements, you qualify to register your Company through us.  Note that you do not need any legal or business registration knowledge, as you will receive your own dedicated Consultant to take care of YOUR entire Company Registration process.


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More Information about our online Company Registrations:

When starting a new Business, you want to devote your full attention to your new enterprise.  Company Registrations and Name Reservations include unfamiliar legal procedures and administration which costs much time and frustration. That said, you need to Register your Business as a Company to sign a Contract, apply for a Government Tender, open a new Bank Account, BEE Certification and VAT.

You need a safe legal structure to separate your personal assets from your business assets and risks that come along with starting a new business.  That is how any successful business operates. A Private Company, always ending with ‘Pty (Ltd)’ (previously known as a Close Corporation ending with CC) is for most new South African businesses the preferred choice of legal business entity. Learn more HERE

We provide an effective and complete solution to register your new Company with the CIPC ( – part of the DTI). It takes only 1 minute to complete our easy online application form. We will take the Company Registration process off your hands by working with the Company Registrar directly. You will have a dedicated Consultant whom will process your registration in DAYS.


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