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Register a company:

We will ensure that your South African CIPC registration (CIPRO company registration) and PTY Company Registration (previously known as a CC) is successful. Our specialists will assist you with all the requirements to register a Company, and will help you with all the required documentation. We provide an effective and complete solution to register a Company: All you need is internet and email access, together with a valid ID or Passport. All applicants need to be 18 years or older. Our professional and dedicated Consultants will process your registration in days. Afterwards you can also get much more services for new companies.


Registering a company with us is simple, and it includes:

1) Registration Documents: All the Registration Documents which your business needs to operate as an entity after registration.
a) COR9.4: Name Reservation Certificate.
b) COR14.3: Company Registration Certificate (this used to be called the CK1 document in the days of CCs).
b) COR14.1 and CoR14.1A: Appointments of Incorporators and Directors.
c) COR15.1A: The Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) – CIPC’s recommended version.cipcregistrations

2) Quick Timeframe – Register a company efficiently through us: from 24 hours. View our timeframes

3) Online Registration – We will register your company at CIPC’s head office: you can be based anywhere in SA.
4) Toll Free Support – Make use of our toll-free line for professional support and queries: Contact us.
5) A Dedicated Consultant – Your consultant will assist you with all your business requirements. Read more about us.
6) Free Name Search – Register a company with us and we will ensure that your preferred company name is unique.
7) Guaranteed Company Name – A guaranteed successful and reserved company name.


Watch our video on ‘How to register a Company’:


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Compare the Company Registration Options below:

Option 1 (New Name) – We Register your new Company with your own chosen Company name. Option 2 (Shelf Name) – We Register your new Company with one of our Shelf Names. Option 3 (Shelf Company) – Buy a Registered Company to use within 24 hours.
Price: R 895 all inclusive. Price: R 795 all inclusive. Price: R 1690 all inclusive.
Timeframe: From 5 working days. See latest timeframes here. Timeframe: From 48 hours. See latest timeframes here Timeframe: Reg. Nr 24 in hours. See latest timeframes here
This Option is best for you if:

  • You want to ensure you get a specific Company Name which you prefer.
  • You want to follow the standard procedures.
  • If you have time to register a Company.
This Option is best for you if: 

  • You need to be a Director of a Company ASAP for a Tender / Contract / Business Bank Account.
  • You like one of the Company Names
    on our Shelf.
  • You want to save money (R100) by choosing this Option instead of Option #1 at R895.
This Option is best for you if: 

  • You need a Company Registration Number for a Contract / Tender ASAP. 
  • You do NOT have to be listed as a Director on the Company within the next month or two. 
  • You are able to pay a premium price for a Shelf Company.
Interested in this Option?…we will firstly search the availability of your preferred Company Name with CIPC.  If your preferred Company name seems to be available, we apply to reserve it with CIPC (with three alternative names if you choose so).  After successful name reservation, we represent you at CIPC and register your New Company with your reserved name in the fastest time possible. Interested in this Option?…you will firstly have to make sure if you are happy to use one of our Shelf Company Names as the future name of your Business.  If you find a business name which you like, we can start with your Company Registration immediately without the hassle (and extra time it takes) of reserving a new company name.  Interested in this Option?…you will firstly have to make sure you do NOT need to be the Director of the Company immediately. After purchase you will immediately get a Registration Number which is yours, but we will then have to list you as a Director. We have to a do an Amendment at CIPC for this change to be official (process included in the timeframes / price). 
“I want my own Company Name!”
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“I want a Shelf Company Name to speed things up!”
Click here to: Register my new Company with Option 2
“I need a Company Registration Number ASAP and I am willing to pay the premium price!”
Click here to: Register my new Company with Option 3