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BEE Trusts

Do you need to Register a BEE Trust to apply for a Tender / Contract which requires you to have a BEE Level 1 or 2 Status? Our Lawyer will draft your BEE Trust according to South Africa’s Trust Act within 48 hours, and then register your BEE Trust ASAP.

The primary purpose of a BEE Trust is to facilitate BEE ownership in juristic entities. And as a result enable and enhance transformation resulting in both a capital and income return for the BEE Beneficiaries. For certain tenders and contracts in SA you need a Company with at least 10% Black Ownership. In most cases, you need a BEE Level 1 or 2 Company structured correctly. The easiest way to go about this is to setup a Trust according to your BEE needs; and then make the Trust the Shareholder of a Company, instead of individuals. This is called a BEE Trust. We are BEE Trust Specialists and can assist you to setup an entity at the required BEE Level. Apply on this page or call us toll free for consultation.


Requirements for BEE Trust Registration in South Africa.

  1. A Minimum of 3 Trustees (Members) – in certain circumstances one needs to be ‘independent’.
  2. An Auditor – We can assist*.
  3. A BEE Partner – We can assist**.

*You will need an official Trust Auditor on your Trust Deed, and after your Trust Registration is completed you’ll need specialised ‘Trust Accounting’. We have Trust Accounting Specialists who can assist with all the Accounting Maintenance required for a trust after registration. We will quote you in addition if you require these services.

**In the case where you need a ‘Black Partner’, we can include our Black Lawyer in your Trust as a long term partner who will actively be your Company’s Legal Representative.


Our Internal Attorney.

Our internal attorney, Tsitsi Kinnear, has over 6 years’ experience with Trust Drafting and Trust Registration. She also has a Law Degree from the University of South Africa.

BEE Trust Price: R990 – R3490 (All Inclusive).

  • R990: Draft of Standard BEE Trust Deed only.
  • R1990: Draft & Standard BEE Trust Registration.
  • R3490: Custom BEE Trust*.

*Standard Testamentary (Family) BEE Trusts is sufficient for most of our clients. If you however need a Trust with various special clauses or a Business Trust format, our Attorney will have to draft a Custom BEE Trust for you.


Timeframe: 2 + 20 Working Days.

  • 2 Days: Draft of BEE Trust Deed.
  • 20 Days: Draft & Registration of your BEE Trust Deed.


To Register your BEE Trust, please complete the online form below – we will contact you asap.

BEE Trust Registration Advantages

  1. Flexible. We can structure your BEE Trust to match the requirements of the Tender / Contract which you are applying for.
  2. Employee = Beneficiary. We can structure your BEE Trust to assure that if an employee resign, he / she will be removed as a beneficiary of the trust.
  3. Your BEE Trust Deed (document) will determine the percentage of each beneficiary’s entitlement (profit).
  4. Your Trustees of the Trust will represent the beneficiaries of the BEE Trust.


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