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BEE Certificates

SANAS Accredited BEE Certificate

This service is only for Companies with an annual turnover (sales) of more than R10 million needing a SANAS BEE Certificate. If your annual turnover (sales) is less than R10 million, you can obtain a free BEE Affidavit here.

We have a team of Lawyers who are all specialists in BEE and keep up with new developments and legislation in the BEE field. As legal specialists in Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), we will also advise you how to maximise your BBBEE scorecard to get more tenders and contracts.

More Information on our BEE Service:

Given the complexity of BBBEE and the scorecard, many employers lack the knowledge of what BEE compliance really means. Some employers continue to think that compliance means black-owned businesses when this is only one aspect of the scorecard. We not only help businesses to apply the BEE scorecard components but also to implement skills development and training – which has proved to be the biggest success factor in BEE transformation, with enhanced productivity and profits.

To ensure that our legal consultants are constantly updated with the latest legislation and codes, we have a full-time legal research team dedicated to BEE. From micro-enterprises to businesses with a turnover of R35-million-plus, we assists our 5 000 BEE clients to transform into thriving BEE-compliant concerns. We assist businesses on an ongoing basis through consultation, in order to reach the targets set in the companies BBBEE strategic plan. Because all companies differ, the specific requirements of each business needs to be addressed accordingly. BBBEE strategies are customised by us in order to accommodate each Company’s needs.

Clients pay a once-off joining fee and a highly affordable monthly retainer to secure ongoing BEE legal support.


We take the confusion and fear out of BEE-compliance and replace it with confidence. Our team of professional lawyers advise our Clients how to maximise their scorecard to increase their productivity and profitability. We are in the business of helping our Clients change their business structure and their mindset towards positive BBBEE compliance.

A BEE Certificate from a Sanas Accredited BEE Verification Agent is included. Just complete and submit the easy online registration form above, and a friendly Consultant will contact you.

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