Business Funding

Do you need Funding for your Business?

We can connect you to the specific Business Funding Options available to your Business – in its current stage. It’s free and very easy as we do it in partnership with the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEFA) – a Government Agency out to assist SA’s entrepreneurs with finance.

Basic Requirements:

  • South African ID
  • Registered entity in SA (Pty, Co-op or sole prop) – apply
  • Written Business Plan – apply
  • Tax Clearance Certificate – apply
  • Have an operational business with the ability to repay the loan

Not Required:

  • Collateral – not required as a rule, but only for certain applicants
  • BEE Status – you don’t need a specific BEE Status to apply

Can it be that easy?

Yes, it can! SEFA has been mandated by Government to push money into SA’s entrepreneurial landscape. The main reason that everyone doesn’t get a loan is because most applicants have not yet proven they will be able to repay a loan. What can you do about this? Get your business trading ASAP – even if it is on a small scale. If you need a small amount of money to do this – get a business partner on board. Once you trade, financing becomes much easier.

Looking for even more finance options?

SA’s Small Business Development Agency and USAID have enlisted over 200 Lenders and 300 Funding Offerings. We work with an Application called ‘FinFind’ to then search this database to connect you to the best Partners where you can apply for Business Funding.

How does it work?

  1. Information
    We will need information about your Business and its Directors. Start below.
  2. System Search
    Our System searches the Funding Database.
  3. Connect and Apply
    You will then get the results of the Tender Funding Options available to your business – for which you can then go ahead and apply.

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