Is your Company Name available?

To ensure that your Preferred Company Name is unique and has a good chance to be accepted by the CIPC, please follow the guidelines below:

1. Basic Rules

Make sure that your Company Name conforms to the basic rules of the Companies Act:

a. Make 100% sure that your Company name is spelled correctly as it will be time consuming and costly to change your Company Name after Name Reservation.

b. Your Company Name may not be a language translation of another Company which already exists.  For example: “ABC Eiendom” will not be accepted if “ABC Property” already exists.

c. We need to be informed if your Company name has any association with another Company which already exists.

2.  Internet check

a. At your website domain bar (in your internet browser) type in www.“the name you want for your company with no spaces in between” and press ‘enter’ on your keyboard:


If you are directed to another Company’s website, you will need to think of another name as another Business is already using your Preferred Company Name.

b. Go to and enter your new Company name in the search bar and press the blue search button (far right-hand side):


If there is clear evidence in the search results that you new Company name is used by another ‘South African’ company or business, it is best to think of another name as your current name is possibly taken.

3. Identify your new Company’s Industry

If your new Company will offer a variety of products and / or services, it is best to NOT restrict your business.  You can ensure this by ending your Company Name with:

  • Trading and Projects
  • Trading Enterprises
  • Trading
  • Trading and Services
  • Enterprises
  • Trading Services
  • General Trading
  • Projects
  • Suppliers
  • Services
  • General Dealers
  • Trading and Suppliers

If your new Company will offer products and / or services in a specific industry, its best for your Company Name to end with the word that best describes this Industry.

For example:

  • MyCompanyName ‘Cleaning’
  • MyCompanyName ‘Construction’
  • MyCompanyName ‘Logistics’
  • MyCompanyName ‘Transport’
  • MyCompanyName ‘Catering’
  • MyCompanyName ‘Security’
  • MyCompanyName ‘Consulting’

Now that you have created your unique Company Name, proceed to reserve this name and to register your Company!