Business Plan for Funding Applications, Tenders or Contracts in South Africa

Do You need a Customised Business Plan for a Funding Application, a Tender or a Contract? We Can Assist! Our Business Plan Specialists can assist You to setup a Business Plan in any Industry within 2 – 4 working days @ only R 1 630.

We are Business Plan Specialists, registered with the NSBC and our Business Plans comply with SEDA, SEFA, Dti, NEF, IDC and All Private Financial Institutes in South Africa. We have completed over 200 Business Plans since 2013 – and consulted numerous Startup’s and Companies in South Africa. To start the process, apply on this page or call us on our toll free line for free consultation.

Included in Our Business Plans

  • 25 Pages.
  • Word Template For Future Editing.
  • Professional Business Plan Layout.
  • Market Analysis.
  • Customer Segmentation.
  • Industry Analysis.
  • Industry Trends.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Business Model Description.
  • Competitive Advantage & Unique Selling Point.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • ADD: 5 Year Financial Projection for R1630.
  • ADD: NEF Funding Application for R1500.

Our Business Plans are designed for Applications at:

  • All Finance / Funding Institutes.
  • All Tenders / Contracts.
  • All National Industry Regulators.

As a bonus you will also have a plan / road-map from which to a start your business and track your progress.

Our Business Plan Specialists: Brend Badenhorst and Christopher Graham.








They have written over 200 Business Plans for Companies in South Africa who required a Business Plan for Funding / Financing, Tenders / Contracts and Applying for Franchises.


Timeframe: 2 – 4 Working Days.


Price: R 1 630 for a Business Plan.

Note that this Business Plan will NOT include a Finance Model – include this for an additional R1630. It also does not include Research and a Finance Application. If you need assistance with these functions, you would need our Spesialised Business Plan Option @ R9990 – it includes the ‘Research part’ of a business plan and a Complimentary Finance Application. We have a specialist for each major industry in South Africa:

Business Plan Setup Process:

  1. Consult. We will firstly consult you on the Business Plan Service to ensure your Business Plan is professional and in the correct layout and format.
  2. Research. You will then need to do your own Business research and provide us with sufficient information on the above mentioned aspects and topics. We will guide you for the type of info required.
  3. Setup Business Plan within 1 Week. We will then take your research and information provided, and create a professional and correct layout for your Business Plan, according to investment standards in South Africa.
  4. Finance Applications. We will setup your Business Plan according to the requirements of all Banks and large South African Finance Institutions. We can also put you in contact with our Finance Partners at SEFA, Nedbank and Business Partners.

More Information about Business Plans in South Africa: 

Our Business Plan Layout Service has the following major characteristics:

Our Business Plan Consultation Service:

  • A Business Plan Consultant will assist you to ensure the information you provide will be set out correctly.
  • The layout of your Business Plan is setup according to investment standards.
  • The layout also meets all the requirements of major financial institutions, banks and Venture Capital providers.
  • Length: 20 – 25 pages depending on the type of business / service / product, and the information and research provided by you.
  • You need to provide your Business Plan Consultant with all the research and information for your new Business – we will guide you for the type of info required.
  • Our Business Plan Consultant will then structure this information, and create a professional layout for your Business Plan, according to investment standards.

The Business Plan Layout contains the following:

Business Concept
Business Vision
Business Model
Industry Analysis
Products / Services
Market Analysis
Competitive Advantage
SWOT Analysis
General Business Information
5 Year Financial Projection
Funding Information
5 Year Profit and Loss Assumption
5 Year Cashflow Assumption
5 Year Balance Sheet Assumption
Personel Plan


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