Business Plans

A Business Plan is the road map of how a business is planning to reach specific goals.Business-plan-South-Africa

A business plan also motivates why this specific business will be successful. It discusses the following sub-categories which are applicable to any business:

  • Products and / or Services
  • Market Analyses
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Operations and Management
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financials

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Our Business Plans

We work with our clients to make sure their business plan will exactly specify how it will operate to be very successful. We specialise in business plans which are setup according to the guidelines and requirements of most financial institutions and will also be accepted by the DTI and other Government institutions in order for businesses to get grants. For more information about applying for a grant please see NYDA Grant Programme. If you cannot apply for a grant, Business Partners is also a reputable financing house to contact. Click here to download their brochure. Here is a Great Article with example to get you going. 

The Business Plan Package has the following major characteristics:
Consultation with the Business Analyst:
  • A Senior Business Plan Analyst from our Dti Department will assist you directly. 
  • The plan is outlined according to the ‘Grant Requirements’ of the Government Institutions which offers grants. 
  • It also meets all the requirements of major financial institutions, banks and Venture Capital providers. 
  • Length: 20 – 30 pages depending on the type of business.
  • You can provide your dedicated Business Analyst with all the research and information of the business that you have to up to date.
  • Our Business Analyst will then formulate this information into a professional Business Plan.
  • Our Analyst may require additional information on your business activities, which he will need to setup your Business Plan in detail.
  • You can make use of telephonic / email correspondence as much as it is required.
The Business Plan contains the following:
  • Executive summary
  • Financial projections model for 5 years
  • Expected Income, Cash flow & Balance Sheet statements
  • Sales Forecast
  • Business SWOT analyses
  • Marketing strategy
  • Strategy, Implementation & Operational plan
  • Human resources plan
  • Full colour charts

Cost of FULL Business Plan: R 3 890 once-off, all inclusive

Cost of ‘Mini’ Business Plan (called a Company Profile): R 990 once-off, all inclusive

Timeframe: 2 – 4 weeks (depending on the availability of the information from you).

Tailor-made Business Plans: May you have any additional requirements for a business plan, for example ’10 year financials’; ‘Extensive secondary research’; etc. please contact us for a quote.