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Ways to hire Employees for your Company.

The biggest asset of any company is certainly its employees. Without them, a business will not be able to function properly. This is one of the reasons why you will need the best possible employees to ensure that your business will be able to function optimally. Here are some ways to hire Employees for your Company. 

ways to hire employees

There are a lot of methods out there that helps managers to choose the right candidate for each position. Some of these methods work better than others and some might seem a little odd. Luckily, you do not need to worry. In this article you will find five ways to hire employees that are the best candidate for a position in your Company.

Always have a plan at hand:

Before you even start to contact candidates for interviews, you will need to draw up a plan, this is one of the ways to hire employees. Normally, once you have put a plan together, the base of the plan will remain the same. There will sometimes just be a few minor changes depending on the position that needs to be filled.

You should determine how many interviews you will conduct and who will be present at each interview. Once you have established this, you can start to think of appropriate questions to ask the interviewees.

Get the word out:

Another one of the ways to hire employees is to spread the word that there is an opening in your business. When you advertise on multiple platforms, you will be able to reach more people and be able to draw the best possible candidates. The larger the crowd you are advertising to, the better the chance will be that you will find the perfect candidate.

 Asking the right questions:

There are mainly two approaches that are used to identify the best possible candidate for a position when conducting an interview. The first is to ask one or two questions that will lead to a conversation and the second is to ask skill specific questions. Both work very well and sometimes managers try to incorporate a bit of both when looking at ways to hire employees.

You should consider starting the interview with a question that is aimed at relaxing the candidate. This can be something like asking about the person’s typical day and asking them to tell the interviewer more about themselves. From here on you can start to ask questions that are related to the position that needs to be filled.

A good thing is also to establish the salary expectancy of the candidates that you interview. You can give an indication of what you are willing and able to offer at this stage, but no negotiation should take place at this time. 

Another interesting thing is that you can determine what motivates a person. You can do this by asking what the person will do with a certain amount of money. This will give you an idea of what drives the person internally.

When you have asked the questions you wanted, you should explain to the candidate how the timeline will work and when they can expect an answer. Here is a helpful article on How to Conduct an Interview Effectively

Ask for references:

This is a good way to establish how a candidate performs on a normal day in the workplace. You can contact previous employers, as well as people that the candidate gave up as a reference. It is important to remember to ask a candidate first before you do a criminal check. The candidate needs to give consent for this when looking at ways to hire employees.


This is a very important part of securing the best possible candidate for your business, this helps when you are using different ways to hire employees. In the first few steps of the process, you should never over promise when it comes to salary negotiation. You have already determined the candidate’s expectancy, so try and meet it, if it is reasonable.

When it comes to choosing the right person for the position, it is important to take all of these factors into account. What is also important, is that you need to trust your gut feeling. Your gut feeling, together with the facts, will ensure that you make the right decision. You, as the owner, knows what is best for your business.

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Managing your Company Maintenance Costs

There are quite a lot of advantages to keeping maintenance costs down in your business. You will, for instance, have more money left over to spend on other crucial parts of your business. In the long run this will have a higher profit to follow.

maintenance costsDuring the recession in 2009, business owners started to count every single cent that they have spent. This all to ensure that they will have enough money to stay afloat in the difficult times. Even though we are seeing an improvement in the economy, business owners are still looking to cut costs where it is not needed.

Prevention is Better Than Cure:

This is one of the things that might be overlooked in the startup phase and it is to buy or rent a premises that has already been well looked after and maintained. If you are looking for a new premises to buy or rent, it is best to look for a property that will have low maintenance costs. This will ensure that you will not have unnecessary expenses to keep the building in a good condition. A low maintenance property will be one that has not been plastered and painted. In some cases, businesses have relatively large expenses to have their building premises painted. If you have a face brick wall building, you will never have to worry about having to paint your walls.

Implement a Maintenance Program:

We have all heard that it is better to maintain something than to fix it. When you have regular maintenance done on your equipment and buildings, it will be in a working state for longer. This will also have to affect that you will not need to have large expenses when some of your equipment breaks or if something happens to your building. Equipment that also runs better and more efficiently, will also use less electricity.Expects in the field of cutting overhead cost, have estimated that proactive maintenance can save up to, and sometimes even more than 18% in maintenance costs.

Small Leaks:

In the event that you spot a minor water leak, it is best to have it fixed immediately, this helps with keeping maintenance costs down in the long run. Some people will just put a bucket beneath the water leak and just make it a routine to empty the bucket every now and then. These kind of leaks can have major repercussions. There may also be undiscovered water leaks. These types of leaks can affect monthly expenses to a great extent. When you notice that your business’s water bill has gone up and you have not used more water than usual, it is often the result of an undiscovered leak.

Make a Deal:

One of the best ways to keep maintenance costs down is to make an arrangement with a maintenance company. When you arrange with a maintenance company that you will use them whenever there is something wrong at your business, they might consider to give you a better price. If you allow them to advertise their business on your business premises, it might also lead to the maintenance company giving you a better price when they need to repair something at your business.

At the end of the day it will be to the benefit of your business if you minimize the maintenance costs of your business. Your entire business image will be improved and your employees will also enjoy working for a business that looks well maintained and safe. So do not neglect the maintenance of your business. Just see to it that small things are fixed before they become big things.

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Managing your Company Budget

The importance of a Company budget is very often overlooked. It is an important tool that businesses, as well as individuals can use to predict their future income and expenses. This main goal of a Company budget is to ensure that at the end of the budget period, the business or individual will have money left over and have not spent more than they generated through income.

Company Budget

Following, are a few steps that can help you to draw up an achievable Company budget.

Do not over complicate it:

Some business owners might think that you need specialized computer software in order to draw up an effective Company budget. That is not the truth. In matter of fact, you can even use a simple piece of paper if you have nothing else. The ideal would be to make use of a spreadsheet. It is easy to use and easier to manage.

Update your Company budget regularly:

Depending on the size and growth rate of your business, the intervals between updating your Company budget will differ. For smaller businesses it will be best to update their budgets at least three to four times a year. Larger business tends to alter their budgets on an annual basis.
It is also believed that when a budget is drawn up for a quarter, it is more accurate than a budget that is drawn up for an entire year. The reason behind this is that the business can anticipate changes in the economy and adapt their budget accordingly if it is done on a quarterly basis.

Be objective:

When you are busy drawing up a Company budget, it is important to remember that the more accurate the budget is, the more likely your business will succeed. If you try to sugar coat things and make expenses less than you think and income more than it is projected to be, you are setting your business up to fail.

Rather be realistic and see the facts for what it is. In this way you will be able to accurately draw up your budget. This will give you the opportunity to see the problem areas and to find real life solutions to these problems.

Draw up the Company budget yourself: 

To draw up a Company budget is not a job to be outsourced to an accountant or any other person. No one knows the business better than you know it. The owner of a business is the one that will be given direction in the business and therefore, this important task is up to them. They will know when they will implement different strategies and how it will affect the business.

Plan ahead:

It is very important to have a plan in place for when your Company budget takes a heavy and unforeseen knock. This will help your business to be able to recover or even just to keep it afloat. Businesses without a plan B will struggle in the event that their business takes a bad knock. A good place to start is to create a Business Plan.

Like it is always said, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Without a budget, a company can only survive so long. Proper planning and budgeting will ensure that your business is headed for success.

Here is another article that talks about the importance of having a Company Budget


Creatively creating Company Cash Flow

When looking at a normal business day, it is quite easy to identify one of the key elements of a successful business. On a day to day basis, this is cash flow. Many entrepreneurs even went as far as saying that the importance of Company cash flow in a business only comes second to profit.

company cash flow

A start up, or any business for that matter, is reliant on cash flow. It is almost an impossible task to start a business without having cash at hand. It is very important that a start-up entrepreneur needs to establish Company cash flow as quickly as they can in the first year of doing business. An independent study has shown that when an entrepreneur is able to establish this, their chances of running a profitable business in the following five years are drastically increased.

With the banks becoming stricter on their lending criteria, it is easy for entrepreneurs to lose hope even before they have opened their business. Some may resort to taking loans with friends or family where others make maximum use of their credit cards. There are, however, more creative ways to generate the much needed Company cash flow.

Strategic Marketing:

One of the best ways to get the cash flowing in your business is to lead the customers to buy a specific product off your shelves. You will have to strategically select these products to ensure that you will receive maximum profit from that product. A great place to start is with Online Marketing

Cash Upfront:

A great way to ensure that you have stable Company cash flow in your business, is to ask for a deposit or something similar. This works well if you have a business that delivers services to secure a booking. The same can work for product based businesses. You can ask for a deposit for pre-orders to secure the product for the customers. You should then keep in mind that you will have to deliver on your promises. If you betray the trust of your customers at this stage, it will impact your business negatively.

Stay away from giving discount:

A cash flow killer is giving discount. This is one of the main factors that can contribute to smaller profit margins and eventually a lack in Company cash flow. An easy way to get around giving discount, is to offer other benefits for buying from your business. You can offer incentives that will ensure that customers come back to your business. It is also important to let the customer know about the quality of your products. When people know that they get a quality product, they will be more than willing to pay for it. Here is a great Article why small Companies should stay away from giving discount.

To be clear, there are many more ways out there to establish Company cash flow in your business. These are just some of the most popular methods that are used in businesses today. An important thing is to implement these strategies without the customer even knowing it. 

Once you have established a method that works best for your business, stick with it. Just remember that the market is ever changing and you might need to adapt your methods from time to time. It is always a good idea to have a back-up plan, for when a plan is no longer effective.

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Effective Management of your Company

Far too often managers operate in such a way that reminds of a parent and child relationship. Managers operate psychologically like parents and treat their employees like their children. This may lead to managers not using Effective Management to realize the full potential, creativity and productivity of their employees.

effective management

Some of the managers that have this style of managing often feel that they want to make the majority of decisions on behalf of their employees. They want to remain in control. This puts an immediate restriction on the creativity of their workforce. Some of these managers also like to be intimidating to the other employees. Another concern it that these types of managers are more likely to try and train their employees, rather than to send them on training courses. This only leads to counter productiveness. In some cases it will lead to employees quitting. Here is an Article about this. 

Employees that work under this type of management, almost always ask their managers before they do anything. They are afraid of their manager’s reaction if they would do something on their own. They seldom use any form of creativity to solve problems. These employees also do as little as possible to draw attention to themselves. The general feeling that surrounds these employees is uncertainty and worries about the security of their job.

To entrepreneurial senior managers, this type of behavior is the total opposite of what they want in an employee. What these employers want is for the employee to make their own decisions, find more effective ways to deal with problems and discovering the next great thing. Employees also want to feel that their managers have faith in their capabilities.

There are a few things that can be done to prevent, or even counter this style of management.

Determine your effective management style:

Sometimes managers do not even realize that they have this type of management style. The first step will be to determine your effective management style. An easy way to establish whether you are one of these managers is simply to count how many times a day you are asked to make a decision for one of your employees. Here is a great article about using different Effective Management Styles

Ask around:

Whenever in doubt, it is always best to ask people their opinion on your management style. You should also remember not to take offense or make a comment on the feedback that you get. Keep in mind that it is a process to improve your effective management skills, as well as the improvement of your employees’ skills.

Just stop: 

This may come across as a bit harsh, but it is probably the best way to get your employees on track. When an employee comes to you, wanting you to make a decision on their behalf, just stop and say no. You can however lead employees in the right direction, but never make a decision obvious to them. Let them know that you want them to find solutions to the problems that confronts them.

Be open to input:

In the event that you have decided on a specific way to do something in a certain way, do not feel offended if an employee brings something better to the table. When you allow your employees to be creative, they will come up with great ideas that you might not even have considered. So do not dismiss their idea. Look at it and if it is really a better idea, then it will be best for your business to go with it. This is a great way to exercise effective management. 

Risk failure:

When your employees are new to making their own decisions, they are bound to make a mistake at some point. Just remember not to overreact when a wrong decision was made. Rather sit down with the employee and analyze the situation with them, giving them useful tips and hints. This will give them more confidence to make better decisions in the future.

This might be a demanding process for your employees, but it is for the best. Once your employees are used to making their own decision, you can be assured of greater creativity and productivity within your business when using an effective management style.

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South African Leaders and their Mistakes

There are a lot of mistakes South African leaders make. You can be a manager at a company, a supervisor of a project or an entrepreneur. When you find yourself in these positions, the way in which you lead other people will ultimately determine your success or even failure.

Mistakes Leaders MakeThere are a lot of things that are considered as good qualities for leaders and it have been said over and over. Today we will be looking at some of the mistakes leaders make that ultimately destroys their ability to lead other people on the path to success. Sometimes people do not even know that they make these mistakes, but it is only when it is too late when they realize it.

It is guaranteed that when you stay clear of the following mistakes, your chances of being a sought after and successful leader will be drastically increased.

Not being a part of your team:

This is one of the major mistakes leaders make. As a leader, you should be actively involved with your team. Team members should feel free to communicate their ideas and visions with you and should not be intimidated by you. You should still be seen as the leader of the group, but people should be able to approach you without hesitation.

Thinking you are always right: 

As a leader, you will be respected if you admit that you were wrong or if you agree that your plan was not the best. A good leader can understand that there is more than one way to do something and that his/her way is not always the best. It is always a good thing to remain flexible in your planning and the execution of plans.

Not seeing the big picture:

Some leaders tend to focus on smaller tasks that need to be done. This is another one of the mistakes leaders make. They get so caught up in all the little things that need to be done, that they completely lose focus of the bigger picture and what everything is really about. So always keep the desired end result in mind. When you do this, you will be able to easily distinguish which tasks are important and which are not.

You work tirelessly:

This is another one of the mistakes leaders make. They are so driven to be successful that they lose perspective of the real important thing. They take up too much work and before they know it, they are facing a burnout. The same goes for the team members. Nobody likes a leader that constantly overloads them with work. The best thing will be to properly plan everything that needs to be done and to divide it into manageable workloads. 

Steering clear of these mistakes will ensure that you will be a better leader. The members of your group or team will look up to you with respect. Nobody wants to be bossed around, so being an inspirational leader is a much more rewarding task.

Here are some great articles on how to be a better Leader. 

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5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Avoid

You always read about all the things that successful entrepreneurs do. Everyone has tried doing all of this, but for some or other reason, the success that you want has not happened yet. Have you ever considered the things that successful entrepreneurs do not do?

successful entrepreneurs

That is right. The things that successful entrepreneurs steer clear from, can also define their success. When you actively work to eliminate bad habits and choices from your life, chances are good that you will make a success. Below you will find some of the things that successful entrepreneurs do not do.

They do not listen to negativity:

When these entrepreneurs came up with a new idea, they did not listen to the negative comments. They focus on the positive and uplifting remarks. When you listen to these negative comments, you are more likely to fall prey to a negative thinking pattern as well. When this happens, you will find that you will not be able to think as original and out of the box as you previously could.

They do not make the same mistakes again: 

Successful entrepreneurs see no reason in trying the same thing over and over again. Once they have established that something does not work, they accept it and try something different. The same is true in regards to other people. Successful entrepreneurs will not hold grudges. They know that it will be better just to forgive and move on. They will, however, never forget the incident and will learn not to be caught in the same situation again.

They do not chase after perfection:

Realistically thinking people will not chase after perfection because they know that it does not exist. Perfection was once described as the endless struggle of never being satisfied with ones work or achievements. They know that when they have done their best, that it will be more than enough.

Successful entrepreneurs’ aim is not pleasing others:

When looking at entrepreneurs whom have achieved success, it is easy to see that they have not spent their time pleasing other people. They work tirelessly to achieve their goals and will not sacrifice their own goals for the goals of other people. The road to success has taught them to be able to say no to people, which gave them the opportunity to invest more time to work towards their own goals.

Not giving in to problems:

Successful entrepreneurs have learned to deal differently with problems. They have found a way not to get caught up in their problems and to deal with them in a calm and positive way. According to an entrepreneur that have run a successful business for over ten years, they key to dealing with problems and negativity, is to attack them with positivity. So always keep an open and positive mindset when it comes to dealing with problems.

Success is not only built around what you are consciously doing. The things you are not doing, also plays a defining role on your path to success. Steer clear of these things and you will realize that success is just lurking around the corner.

Take the next step and register your very own company. Another great idea is to put together a Business Plan. See below.




Determining your goals

Every entrepreneur should have set goals that they want to reach within a reasonable period. Without these goals, there will be nothing that drives the entrepreneur to greater things. For this reason, goals are a very important part of an entrepreneur reaching their full potential.


There are certain steps that you can follow to ensure that you have set attainable goals for yourself and your business, without making them too easy. Goals should require a certain amount of work in order to keep the entrepreneur interested and driven.

Visualise yourself where you want to be:

It has been said that a goal is just a dream that you write down. So the best way to identify your goals will be to determine your dreams. This is where you visualise yourself in the position you would like to be in. When doing this, you can see all that you really want to achieve in your life. The important part here is, to capture all of these things and to write it down.

As soon as you have done this, you can start to put a plan together in order to reach these dreams that you visualise yourself in. It is important to realize that where there is a will, there is always a way. If you believe that you cannot achieve anything, you never will. So cut off all the negativity and get working on your goals.

Structuring your goals:

Now that you have identified your goals, it is time to get a structured plan on how you are going to reach them. A good thing will be to divide them up into the following groups:

  • Short term
  • Medium term
  • Long term

The short term goals will be the ones which you want to reach in the next quarter. Medium term goals are those that you will be able to reach within a year. The long term goals can be goals that you are setting to reach within about two years of your goal setting process. As time progress, it is advised that you move these goals up and set new ones to achieve.

A great way to set goals for your business, is to create a Business Plan for your company.

Make it happen:

Now that you have determined what you would like to achieve, it is time to make it happen. Take each goal and write it down. Put it as reminders on your phone so that you will be constantly reminded of your goals. This will help you to make your daily decisions based on what you have planned for your future.

Find inspiration:

In most cases, something had to inspire you to make the decision to start your own business. You should identify this inspiration and stay in the process to find more inspiration as the time progress. These inspirations will keep you motivated to push through hard times and will insure that you always try your utmost best to achieve the best you possibly can.

Dealing with failure:

An important thing to remember when it comes to failure is that is not failure unless you have given up. This is something that is so often overlooked. When you encounter a difficult time and you struggle to succeed, it is seen as a setback. Take all the lessons that you can learn out of the setback and do your best to set everything right. Once you have done this, you have not failed, but you have grown.

One thing is for certain, you will be totally lost without goals. Goals are the fuel that drives your entrepreneurial fire. So once you have completed a goal, it is not the time to sit back and relax. It is just an indication of new goals needed. As an entrepreneur, goals will always be a part of your life.


Why to Register a Trade Mark

A trade mark can be anything from a name, design, phrase, design or symbol that is used in the commerce to link a certain idea to a certain product. The trade mark can also be a combination of the elements mentions above. It also helps the customer to distinguish among goods of different suppliers and manufacturers.

Trade Mark

A trade mark is used in order to claim the property of a certain service or product. This trade mark is usually widely known by the costumers. They associate the trade mark specifically with the certain range of products or services.

There are also risks involved when registering a trade mark. These risks are minimal and can easily be eliminated. Some of these risks are that the trade mark can cause legal issues. This includes actions such as making themselves guilty of false advertising or that the trade mark is offensive.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the licensing of a product versus the trade marking of a product. A trade mark can be owned, but it can also be licensed. When a product is licensed, the owner of the trade mark allows the licensee to do business with one of their trade marked goods. Many toy suppliers are known to be licensees. That allows them to sell, for example Smurf figurines that are owned by Bullyland.

Brand Piracy:

Like we all know, there is always the chance of legal activities that can take place. In the event that someone uses a trade mark, unauthorized it is called brand piracy. This can also be done when unauthorized producing and trading of counterfeit consumer goods takes place.

When the owner of a trade mark found that his trade mark is being used without his/her consent, legal action may be perused. This is called trade mark infringement. In most instances, it is necessary to have a registered tradem ark, but in some instances an unregistered trade mark case can also be established.  In essence, an unregistered trade mark offers less legal protection than a registered trade mark.

Meaning of different symbols:

 – This is the symbol that is used to indicate an unregistered trade mark. This symbol is commonly used to promote or brand goods.

 – This symbol gives indication of an unregistered service mark. This mark is mostly used to promote or brand a service as well.

® – This symbol indicates a registered trade mark. It can be used by any person that has registered their trade mark.

Reasons to Trade Mark

When you register a trade mark, it can serve as a way in which you can protect your product or service from being copied and counterfeit.

Another reason is that when a product is trade marked, the customer will be assured that the products they are buying are up to standard and of good quality. They will also then be able to identify when a product is counterfeit and knowing that if they buy that product, they will get a product of less value.

A trade mark will also ensure that your business is well enough protected against competition. Like mentioned earlier, the trade mark will secure your product against the competition. They will then not be able to copy your product or service. In the event that they do copy your product or service, they stand to face legal action. For that reason, trade marking your product or service will build a barrier around your brand, making it harder for other businesses to compete with you.

Registering a trade mark might seem like a waste of time and extra money, but the matter of fact is that it will only do your business good. Securing your brand will disable other competitors to copy you and your business will be able to bloom.

Our law department registers Trade Marks ( also known as a Trade mark ) for our clients all over South Africa and internationally.



Get Creative

Have you ever reached a place where you just feel demotivated? You wake up each morning, promising yourself that you are going to be creative that day. When you get to the end of the day, you realize that you did not finish a thing you set out to do.


Some people tend to say that they are not creative at all. This is not the whole truth. Most of the things we do in a day, require a certain amount of creativity. To be Creative is not limited to art, it extends into our workplace and into our lives. When you experience that you just do not have the energy to complete the tasks you set out to do, you may be stuck in the creative burnout zone.

Luckily, there is no need to worry. If you make use of these simple tips, you will be able to get yourself out of the burnout zone and into the creative zone again.

Get moving:

It does not matter what you do, just as long as you are doing something. You will need to get moving, whether it is to go for a ride on your bike, going for a light jog or to hit the gym. When you are engaging in exercise, your body will secrete endorphins which will make you feel like you can do anything. These hormones are also known as the happy hormones and you can only benefit from them.

When stepping away from the things that require you to be creative, you will give your brain a chance to rest and recover while you give your body a nice workout. You can almost be sure that you will feel better afterwards and that you will be able to get your work done.

Take some time off:

When you have a lot of work to do, this might seem like a bad idea. The reality is that you are not getting any work done at the moment, so why waste time just sitting around when you can do something about it. Do something that does not require your brain to work very much. You should get away from stimulus like mobile phones and the television. You will find that the time away will give your brain the rest it needs to be as creative as ever when you get back to your work.

Put together a creative book:

While the creative juices are still flowing, it is a good idea to put together an inspiration book. You can create all sorts of creative imagery and ideas and put them in this book. You can also include previous creative ideas that turned out successful. You can even go the electronic route. Pinterest offers a wide variety of creative ideas and initiatives. You can always look for inspiration on that platform and you can even print it out.

There are loads of other ways in which you can reboot your creative ideas. These are just some of the most popular and widely used methods to get the creativity flowing again. No matter which method you choose to implement, you can be sure that it will get you out of the burnout zone and directly into the creative zone again.


If you have some creative ideas and want to let people know, starting your own company is a great start. Click the link below.


The Importance of a Company Website

In a fast paced society, it has become more evident by the day, that the importance of a company website can no longer be left unnoticed. In these modern times, there is a saying, ‘It is not real until it is on the internet’. 

Company Website, website, company registration, marketing

When the public hears about a new invention or business, they tend to want to look it up on the internet. This is where they will get more information on the specific product, service of business. From there on they will most likely decide whether or not they will visit or contact your business.

Another way that people access your business online, is when they are searching for a product or services in their area. The potential customer will browse through a few pages on the internet and ultimately decide according to the company website alone, who they will contact.

These two points are already enough to deduct that having a company website these days are of great importance. A company website can also give you a competitive edge above other similar business in your area and even across the country.

Having a good company website can be seen as a part of your marketing strategy. On your company website you will be advertising your products to a lot of people. If you wish to, you can even take a leap to open an online store on your company website. This will open your business up to an entire new market.

A company website will also give potential customers a feeling of trustworthiness. The idea is formed that when a business has gone so far to open a company website for their business, it must be a creditable business with a good reputation. The customers will feel a lot safer and comfortable doing business with you if you have a professional company website.

We are able to assist you with your Company Website to increase your online presence. We have different packages to suit your individual needs. See the link below. 

Something to keep in mind:

When you are in the process of setting up a company website for your business, it is important to remember that your company website must be accessible to as many potential customers as possible. This includes customers that will be using their cell phones or tablets to access your company website.

The coding that is used to design a company website is crucial in this instance. When it is done properly, your company website can be fully functional and interactive on any digital device that supports an internet connection.

This is important to keep in mind, for a recent case study delivered some interesting facts about company website viewings. This case study showed that there are some company websites that have up to a 100% engagement with either just cell phones or tablets. 

Also, when you are designing a company website, ensure that you include a section where the viewers on your company website can interact with you. This can be by means of a contact form, by providing your contact detail or even both. In this way, the potential customer will be able to get a hold of you in whichever way they choose.

Designing a company website can be a complicated, but fun process. When you include all the important and relevant information on your company website, you can be sure that more and more people will be drawn towards your business.

Your website is a great place to get people to know your company brand. You want to make sure that your Company Logo is displayed on your Company Website. To get a Company Logo, follow the link below.


Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI )

One of the important documents that is needed to start a company is a Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI ). This document will entitle you to a certificate that can serve as proof that you have registered your business.

Memorandum of Incorporation

The Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI ) is the sole governing document of a company in South Africa. With the new Companies Act of 2008, there is no longer a need both the Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI ) and the Articles of Associations. There is some of the same information mentioned in both of these documents, making them quite easy to merge.

There have also come more flexibility with the management of companies. The internal affairs have also become more flexible and easier to manage since the new Act was written into law. The Act also makes provision for a change in the structure of their shares. This gives the company the freedom to freely choose in which manner they would like to raise capital for the company.

The most important aspect of the Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI ) is that it must be drawn up in accordance with the new Companies Act. When the Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI ) is not drawn up in accordance with the Act, the whole document is in the void and not valid for the Company. This will also have to effect that the Company will not be issued with a registration certificate, meaning that they will not be able to start doing business.

If you need help with setting up your Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI ) we will be able to assist.

The Act makes provision for certain clauses that can be included in the Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI ) not have been mentioned in the Act. There can also be special conditions mentioned or certain conditions that apply to the specific company.

The Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI ) focus mainly on the business activities of the company, the power if the directors, the board committees, power of the shareholders of the company and the procedures that have to be followed in order to make changes to a current Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI ). The Companies Act makes use of two types of Memorandum of Incorporations ( MOI ). One that is shorter and more to the point and a longer and more detailed one. These specifications are determined by the type of company that you are starting, so be sure to know which one is applicable to your company. Pty Company Registration will be able to assist you in this matter. They are Company Registration pros and have helped thousands of people to have their companies registered.

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The Act makes provisions for certain default rules to apply to a company. These rules can however be altered and varied by the Company if they so choose. This all is part of how flexible the new Act really is. These rules are things like formalities for convening board meetings and the period of notice before such a meeting. There are however certain core company rules and regulations that are mandatory for all companies to comply to.  These rules include things like the duties of the directors and doing a solvency or liquidity test.  The Company should remember that if they do not make amendments to the parts of the Act that they can, the defaults that the law prescribes will be applicable to them.

The Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI ) is a vital part of registering your company. This will be one of the most important document of your company, so be sure that it is drawn up as correct as possible and in a professional manner.


Marketing ideas

One of the things that every business wants to, and should, excel in, is the way in which they approach their marketing. The more creative the marketing ideas, the better response there will be in the public.

Marketing Ideas, Branding your company, Online Marketing, Logo Designs, Company Website, Marketing PlanThere are a few things that you can consider when you are in the process of drawing up marketing ideas for your business. These are some of the things that are believed to give your marketing campaign an edge above the rest.

Be innovative

One thing that will never change, is that thinking out of the box definitely has its advantages. Do not be talked down by people that believe that a new idea is a bit bizarre. You will never know unless you try it. Trying new things will put you out there and people will notice you.

Embrace the changing times 

With the evolving market, it is a good idea to embrace all the changes that are taking place. Be sure that your business is up to date with some of the latest trends in payments and doing business. Be sure to include these things in your marketing. People will be drawn to the things they feel comfortable with doing.

Do not beat around the bush 

People do not like being lied to. So keep your marketing ideas as honest and transparent as possible. Do not be misleading when you market something, people will feel mislead by it and will refrain from doing business with you in the future.

Embrace your environment 

Great marketing ideas are built around the environment in which you do business. When people can relate to something that is presented to them in the marketing campaign, they will feel drawn and sometimes even reluctant to do business with you. This might seem strange, but it sure works.

A great way for people to get to know you and your brand is to have a Website and Logo that promotes your company. We can assist you in the following ways.

Keeping it simple 

Why over complicate your marketing? Keep it simple and straight forward. People will feel intimidated if you use complicated words and structures to present your business to them. You should keep it short and effective. It should catch the potential customer’s eye and should create interest in less than five seconds.

Using trends to your advantage 

Keeping up with trends has become a trend in itself. When you incorporate these trends into your marketing ideas, you are surely setting yourself up for success. The more people can relate to your marketing, the more they will be compelled to do business with you. One of these trends is online marketing. We can assist you in the following ways.

Success lies in doing it differently

As the saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If some marketing ideas do not work for your business, you cannot stick with it. Try doing it differently and see how the results differ. Your main goal should not be to have better marketing ideas than your competition, it should be to have different marketing ideas.

When you incorporate these into your marketing ideas, you can be sure that you will see a difference in the response you will get from the public. So do not be afraid to think outside of the box; the customers are waiting for you.



Online or Printed Marketing?

In the last couple of years, there have been major changes in the way we do things. People have changed their ways and more people are online than ever. For this reason, a lot of businesses have taken up online marketing. What will you choose, online or printed marketing?

Online or Printed Marketing?

Online marketing has become so popular over the last few years, that there are some businesses that have completely eliminated printed marketing from their budgets. Then there are also some of these businesses that have not even placed one advertisement on the internet. Following this phenomenon, there have originated a debate. Which one of these two approaches are the best? Online or Printed Marketing?

Know your marketing objectives: 

There is unfortunately not just one strategy that will work for all kinds of businesses. For this reason it is vital to know which people you are marketing to. When you know this, you will be able to plan your strategies a lot easier and effectively. Use the following pointers to determine your marketing objectives.

  • Determine your target market. This point cannot be stretched enough. In order for your business to be successful, it is vital to know your target market. You should determine which is the best way to reach your target market. Knowing the habits of your target market will give you a better idea of whether they are more likely to be online or not.
  • You will also have to determine the activities that will need to take place when doing online marketing, as well as printed media.
  • The period over which the marketing should take place should also be determined. This will also play an important role when you have to decide between printed and online marketing.
  • Evaluating the living conditions of your target market is also important. In a country like South Africa, this is also a critical point to take note of for there is quite a large gap between the poor and the rich. You should consider your targets market’s accessibility to online marketing, but also to printed marketing.

Online marketing:

Online marketing involves the promotion of your product or services through internet channels. This has become a popular way of marketing in the last few years. Especially in larger cities online marketing has become the way to go. Most people that live in these cities have access to the internet. In some gathering places there have also been televisions put up where businesses can advertise. You can promote your business through websites, emails, social media and even blogs.

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Printed marketing:

This is seen as the traditional way to market your business. Printed marketing is still more popular in the smaller towns and countrysides in South Africa. The pace is much slower in these towns and not all people have access to the internet. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to know your target market. Printed marketing includes brochures, flyers and advertisements in newspapers.

When you have the budget available, it is advised to make use of both online and printed marketing. People are quite different when it comes to their preferences when viewing advertisements. Some find it distracting when they are online and other people tend to toss the marketing sections away. This is the precise reason why it is important to make use of both strategies. It Is also easy to google for a service or product near your location or just to grab a newspaper and search for what you are looking for.

The only wrong way to go is to not do marketing at all. Whether you make use of online or printed marketing, both will see to it that people will notice your business. Analyze your market well and you will find the best way to market your product or service.


Manage your time effectively

When it comes to managing  time, some entrepreneurs find it difficult to juggle all their responsibilities in one day. This is understandable. Entrepreneurs are mostly very busy people and are always on the run to manage all of their tasks and business building activities. It is very helpful to Manage your time effectively. 

Manage your time effectively

The best way to Manage your time effectively is to always plan ahead. It is better to be proactive and planning ahead, than always having to catch up on work you could not complete. You should be sure to know what you need to do every day and when you are going to do it. When you know this, you will also be able to be more relaxed through your day, when you know how your day will progress. There is always a reason to manage your time effectively.

The key to remain on track with your scheduled items is to learn to say no. This is probably the hardest thing for a driven entrepreneur to do. They always try to keep everybody happy, even if it means that they will have to reshuffle their day. When everything is planned for your day and there are time slots left open,  there is no reason not to accompany other people in that time this helps when you need to manage your time effectively.

When you need to rush your responsibilities in a day, it can result in chaos. Running from one appointment to another can lead to other people forming the wrong impression of you as an entrepreneur. While you are running around to get everything done and to see everybody, people might interpret it as being unorganized and not very professional. The best thing to do, will be to ensure that you have enough time for everyone in your day, even if it means that some will need to wait for a day. Even though they have to wait, they will get the best possible impression of you. This is something that not all people realize.

There are, however, a few ways in which you can manage your time effectively to get the most out of your day.

Determine your purpose

The best way to fuel you through your day is to ensure that you know why you are doing it. Once you have established this, everything in your day will become clearer. Your purpose will also drive you to do things to the best of your ability. This will let you realize that being on the run the whole time will not have your best work to result.

Make lists

You might think that in the time that you had to sit down and make these lists, you could have done so more. This might be true, but as soon as you are not getting time to attend to all your responsibilities, you will realize that this little list could just have made your life a bit easier.

Make a list of the activities that are scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis. These items are normally non-negotiable. Other highly important activities will be included on this list, like spending time with your family. Another list will be to compile all the important activities that you will have to do in a day.

These activities will also enjoy preference over the activities in the next list. The other list will be all the urgent activities that arise throughout your day. Be sure to write them on the list as you go through the day. Remember that these things will be the least important activities in your day, although they still might be important. Some people you get to work with, will tell you that something is very important if it arises. This is most of the time just a strategy to get your attention. When you choose to attend to these matters first, you push aside your days planning and you might not get to all the other important things on your list.

Urgent matters can sometimes wait a few hours. When you get to the end of the day, you can take all the urgent items that were presented to you through the day and put them on your important list for the next day. The rule with urgent matters is that when a person tells you it is urgent, it can wait for a day. But as soon as you hear the word ‘crisis’, you might want to analyze the matter that was presented to you.

Remember that time is money, and the more money you want, the more time you will need out of your day. To manage your time effectively is too often overlooked. Try it for a week and you will see the difference it makes in your everyday life.


Grow your Business

The hardest part of the struggle is over. You have registered your business and you have created a decent client basis… But you find yourself not yet satisfied. You want your business to grow. You want to make your break.

grow When you have started your business, and even before that, you have invested quite a lot of time, effort and money into running your business. Everything seems to be going well and you are in a good place with your business. You are one of the lucky ones to have successfully made it past the start-up phase of your business. Now you are wondering how to take your business to the next level. Below you will find a few ideas on how to help your business to grow, to become an even more successful business. You do not need to use all of the points mentioned below, just one will be enough to aid in growing your business. Your decision can be based on the recourses you have available and what you are yet again willing to invest in your business.

Open a new branch

You have done it once, so why not do it again. Your current business took off and you are doing well enough that you have become at ease and looking for a new challenge. A great way to get your business name on the lips of the customers is to open a new branch in a new location. You will need to have enough capital to sustain your current business and to grow the new branch from the bottom. You will also need employees that you can trust to run the business for when you might be spending quite a lot of time helping the new branch to grow.

Expand your range

A good idea might be to diversify the products or services you offer. This will also differ from business to business. You can, for instance, sell complementary products or services. This will lead your business to grow and more people will be drawn to your business. This will allow you to have more than one main source of income. More products can also lead to more sales and grow your profit. While making more profit, you are also able to grow your business.

Find other target markets

Once you have established yourself with your current target market, it may be a good idea to expand your target market. You can alter some of your current products or services to suit the needs of other people that fall outside of your current target market. This will have an effect on more than just your product or service range. It will also have an impact on your marketing plan, so do not forget to work the changes into your marketing plan as well.

A great way to find new markets is to Brand your Company. Here are different options to help you Grow your Company.

Take over your competition

This might be an expensive option, but in the long run it can only be to the benefit of your business. Once you have eliminated your competition the possibilities for your business is endless. The customers will also recognize you as larger and more powerful business entity. You will benefit by means of taking over your competitors client basis and depending on your agreement, also their premises. This is almost the same as opening a new branch, but in this case you do not need to build up a client basis and reputation for your business in another location. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the same point: “You will have to have the desire to succeed, no matter what the challenges may be”. If you want to expand your business, you should be prepared to put in a lot of extra work. In the end it will all be worth it when you are the owner and founder of a successful and expanded business.


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