Cleaning Company (NCCA Requirements)

Do you want to start a Cleaning Company? There are 1000’s of Government Tenders and Corporate Contracts for cleaning services; as well as millions of South African residents who need cleaning services for their houses… We give you ALL the compliance tools you need to start-up according to the NCCA’s StandardsWe also guarantee the quickest possible timefame – get going within 1 week! The Online Application Form is on this page below.

Types of Cleaning Companies

There are two different types of client groups which Cleaning Companies focus on:

  • Residential:register-cleaning-company

a) residential house cleaner services;
b) window cleaners;
c) and carpet cleaners.

  • Commercial:

a) window cleaning;
b) bathroom cleaning;
c) and office cleaning.


Why should my Cleaning Company be registered with the NCCA?

The National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA) is the regulatory body cleaners, although it is not mandatory to register with NCCA it is essential in the tender process. Thus, should you wish to start a Cleaning Company which will be applying for tenders, it is mandatory that you are registered with the NCCA. We can assist you by facilitating the entire process – setting up the application; standing in the queues at the NCCA and ensuring that your Cleaning Company is fully compliant for all Cleaning Tenders and Contracts.

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