Want to register a Co-operative ( Co-op ) at the CIPC and the Dti? We will register your Co-operative within the quickest possible timeframe.

Disclaimer: We are not the Government, but professionals representing Clients at institutions. Our Company Registration, Tax and other company services are also available directly at the Government at a lower costs. For over 8 years we have assisted thousands of Clients with the correct preparation of documents and representation at Government.


A Co-operation (Co-op) is a Company Formation which allows a group of people to buy a product or a service in bulk.  All the members (owners) of the Co-op need to only buy from this group. All profits (surpluses) are divided.

For example, the Co-op consisting of 20 members buys 1000 liters of milk and sells it in 1 liter containers to their members as well as the public. The Co-op has produced R 2000 in profit after expenses.  This means that each member has made R 100 in profit. See below:

There are three keys to the success of a Co-op:

1. Many members must be part of the Co-operative.

2. Everyone must buy their products from the Co-op so that the Co-operative can buy products in bulk.

3. Profits must be well managed by trustworthy individuals and it is possible for a Co-operative to manage R millions.


8 weeks

Application Fee:

R 1990

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