Register a Co-Operative (Co-op)

Want to Register a Co-operative (Co-op) at the CIPC and the Dti? We will Register your Co-operative within the quickest possible timeframe.

Definition of a Co-op / Co-operative

A Co-operation (Co-op) is a Company Formation which allows a group of people to buy raw materials, products or a services in bulk. The Co-op will then sell these products / services to the public and the members (owners) of the Co-op. All profits (surpluses) are divided between the members of the Co-op.

For example, the Co-op consisting of 20 members buys 1000 liters of milk from a nearby farm and sells it in 1 liter containers to their members as well as the public. Say the Co-op has produced R20000 in profit after expenses, it means that each member has made R1000 in profit.

Requirements to Register a Co-Opco-operative

  1. Two or more Directors.
  2. All the Directors must have a valid ID book and Physical Address in South Africa.
  3. None of the members may have been declared insolvent in South Africa.

Funding at the Dti and SEDA

The Department of Trade and Industry (Dti) of South Africa are aiming to assist more than 2 million businesses in South Africa with their funding programs and incentives.

CO-OP Registration 1


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Questions and Answers

Q: In which industry do I need to start my Co-op?

A: You can start a business in ANY industry! The most popular follows below:

  1. Fishing
  2. Farming
  • Boiler farming
  • Egg farming
  • Tunnels (Tomatoes, Cucumber, Green Pepper)
  • Pig farming
  • Boerbok farming
  • Sheep farming
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