Company Profile

Do you need a Company Profile for Tenders and Contracts ? We setup a professionally written Company Profile for any type of Business in South Africa. Apply Online below, and get your Company Profile within 1 week. You can be based anywhere in South Africa as this is an easy online service.


A Company Profile is a professional introduction of your Business that aims to inform Clients about its purpose, vision, trustworthiness, products and services. It is basically a “CV for your business”.

A Company Profile consists of 5-7 pages and information about the following Company Sections:

  • Profile Picture Page and Logo
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Strategy & Vision
  • Products & Services
  • Management & Ownership
  • Testimonials

See an example of a Company Profile – click here to download


Advantages of a Company Profile

1. Tenders and Contracts. In order to apply for Tenders / Contracts it is mandatory that you provide a Company Profile.
2. Listing as a Service Provider. To be a listed Supplier or Service Provider for large Corporations / Government institutions, you will need to have a Company Profile.
3. Financing / Grants. When applying for Loans, Financing or Grants, the Bank / Institution will require a Business Plan and / or Company Profile.

The Process

1. Apply below. After you have applied below we will request the relevant information from you.

2. Conference Call. Our professional Company Profile Specialist will then setup a call with you. During this Conference Call she will analyse your Business and its vision which she will incorporate into your Company Profile.

3. Get your unique 5-7 Page Company Profile. Our Company Profile Specialist will ensure that your Profile is set up according to International Standards.


The Cost

R 990 once-off for a Company Profile, all inclusive.

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