Other Company Services

We have a CIPC, SARS, Law and Design Department to make sure each client’s needs are being met.

Below follows a list of the ‘other’ company services that we provide.



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Retrieve company documents R290 1 to 21 Click here
Amendments Company or CC   R590 20 Click here
Annual Returns R350 1 Click here
Co-operatives R1990 60 Click here
Non-Profit Company (NPC) R1950 20 to 40 Click here
Shelf Company R1590 1 Click here
De-registrations R880 40 to 60 Click here
Re-instatements R2590 20 to 60 Click here
CC to Pty Conversions R1290 20 to 40 Click here
Share Management R390  2 – 20 Click here
Business Agreements (Legal Docs: MOI, Shareholders, NDA, ect.) R1990 3 – 15 Click here


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