COID Registration (At The Workmans Compensation Fund)

Do you need to register at the Workmans Compensation Fund? You will need to follow the COID Registration Process at the Workmans Compensation Fund’s Offices in Pretoria. We have offices right next to theirs and can assist you to get a COID Registration Number within 1 week.

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Before you can get a Letter of Good Standing from the Compensation Fund, you need to be ‘COID Registered’. This basically means that the Compensation Fund lists you on their database as a South African Company which has a work environment that qualifies for employees to work in. If an Employer is registered with the Compensation Fund as per section 80 of the COID Act, he / she can apply for a Letter of Good Standing from the Compensation Fund. This Letter states that you are in good standing with the Compensation Commissioner and you have met all their requirements. This COID ‘Letter of Good Standing can be used for all Tenders and Contracts requesting it. To start with this process, apply for COID Registration on this page below or call us toll free.


Advantages of COID Registration

(1) Covered

If you are COID registered at the Workmans Compensation Fund, your Company and Employees will be covered in the case of any workplace injuries. This includes all medical expenses (up to 2 years), temporary total disablement (TTD), permanent disablement (PD), funeral costs, pension for the injured Employee or in the case of fatal, pension to the Dependents of the deceased.

(2) Letter of Good Standing for Tenders

Once you are Registered with COID, you will be able to apply for a Letter of Good standing. As most Tenders and Contracts requires you to have a Letter of Good Standing from the Workmans Compensation Fund, you will have more business growth options.

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COID Registration and Letter of Good Standing – more info:

COID Registration and Letter of Good Standing Process

(1) COID Offices: We visit the Compensation Fund’s offices on your behalf to complete the correct forms, wait in the lines, meet with an official and make sure that your Application is successful.
(2) Start using your COID Registration Number: Our COID Department will ensure your COID Registration is successful in the quickest possible timeframe.
(3) Letter of Good Standing: You will then be able to apply for a Letter of Good standing – we can assist.

Employer Advantages

If any Employee gets injured on duty; or becomes sick with ‘Occupational Diseases’, the Employer will be protected against civil claims. Most contracts and tenders require that the Company needs COID Registration before he / she can apply for any contracts / tenders. For example when you are starting a Construction Company.

Employee Advantages

Employees who get injured on duty or those who contracted occupational diseases can claim compensation for temporary or permanent disablement. These claims will be awarded according to the degree of disablement or death by the Department of Labour.

They will also be covered for reasonable medical aid expenses arising out of an injury on duty. This compensation is payable for a period of two (2) years or longer if further medical treatment is needed and if it will reduce the extent of disability.

Mission of COID / COIDA

To compensate Employees for disablement caused by occupational injuries / diseases sustained / contracted in the course of their employment. Or to compensate their dependents for death resulting from such injuries / diseases. To pay the reasonable medical expenses incurred.

What is an Assessment?

It is the annual payment which is paid by the Employers to the Compensation Fund to cover Employees who are injured at work.

Who must register with the Compensation Fund?

All Employers who employ one or more part-time or full-time Employees must register with the Compensation Fund.

Letter of Good Standing Info

This letter is issued to the Employer who meets the following criteria:

1. Assessment fully paid up
2. Installment arrangement honored

The Employer is regarded to be in good standing when:

– registered with the Compensation fund / COID
– submitted annual returns
– paid assessment in full
– report accidents timeously


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