Register a Construction Company (CIDB & NHBRC Requirements)


Are you starting a Construction Company? We will Register a Construction Company for you to apply for Construction Tenders and Contracts. We can do the FULL Construction Company Registration according to CIPC, SARS, CIDB and NHBRC’s Standards. We also guarantee the quickest possible timefame – get going within 1 week! The Online Application Form is on this page below. 


There are thousands of construction companies in South Africa. Only a few comply with the strong construction regulations of the CIPC, SARS, CIDB and NHBRC. The effect of this is that only a small number of these construction companies can compete for the larger contracts which are available at Government and Corporate institutions.


We have 2 options available to start a ‘Registered Construction Company’:


Option 1: Register a Company first and apply for additional Construction related services later.


Option 2: Register a Construction Package (scroll down to application form).

Tenders / Contracts: The minimum services required to be able to apply for Tenders or Contracts follows the services included in the Construction Package as per below. The CIDB and The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) require that you have numerous facets and compliance certificates in place when working on construction projects.

Note: We have conveniently setup packages which include these services and more, specifically for our clients who want to start a Construction Company. This online process now makes it quick and easy for entrepreneurs to start-up their companies.


Additional Services we can assist with:

For more information on services that are linked to this industry see below.


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