Custom MOI – in terms of South Africa’s Companies Act of 2008

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A Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) can be described as the shareholders ‘control document’ that defines the company’s authority levels as well as the respective roles and rights of shareholders and directors as well as any other positions within a company. It is also the code of corporate governance for a company. It shows to third parties if the company has any limiting conditions. It is a way of keeping the leaders within a company accountable.


RequirementsCustom MOI


Advantages of a Custom MOI

With a Custom Memorandum of Incorporation you can create a tailor-made Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) that will meet the specific needs and preferences for your Company, the Shareholders, as well as the Directors. This is a great way to reduce the commercial and legal risk of the directors in a company.


Download a Long MOI or Apply for a Custom MOI

Here is an example of what a typical Custom MOI looks like. Click on the link to Download the Custom MOI Template: Download Custom MOI

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