Free Basic Business Training

Need mentors? Need business ideas and education on business? Our partners, Paradigm Shift, is ready to partner with you and provide Free Business Training. It’s part of a social responsibility movement – contact us if you’re interested. 

Paradigm Shift is a Christian non-profit organisation which provides a church-initiated, volunteer-led, economic development model focused on coaching, training, discipling and mentoring micro entrepreneurs. We partner with them and they then train and equip our clients at no cost in churches around South Africa. There they engage micro entrepreneurs to provide Business Training, Discipleship, Mentoring and Micro Credit.


free-business-trainingMicro-Entrepreneurship Training

Paradigm Shift provides an individual with the basic building blocks to become an Entrepreneurs. Note that this program is focused on smaller businesses who need basic education and information to grow. Here are some of the benefits that micro-entrepreneurship brings to communities: 

  • Promotes Creativity: An entrepreneur can use their unique talents and skills to impact their community’s economy. 
  • Create Jobs: A resourceful entrepreneur will find a way to provide for their family and create opportunities for others.
  • Impacts Identity: When an entrepreneur sees that what they are doing has an impact around them, they will gain confidence in their abilities and continue to grow. 



If you would like to find out more about Paradigm Shift and their Free Business Training, you can visit their Website or Contact us