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Register a CC

Close Corporations (CC’s) are not being registered anymore. Up to 2009 you could register a CC or a Private Company (Pty) Ltd. Under the Companies Act of 2008 these two company formats were ‘merged’ and only PTY Company Formats have been registered since.

If you are looking to register a CC, you can follow this link (Company Registration) and we will register a PTY (which has the same and more advantages than the CC format) on your behalf.


If you have a Close Corporation (CC) in South Africa, you have two choices:

1. Keep it. According to the current law (Companies Act of 2008), CC’s will continue to exist in its current form. Note that there are new requirements.

2. Convert your CC to a Private Company. To gain the Advantages which are included in the latest Company Act for Private Companies (PTYs), it could be a smart move to convert your current CC to a PTY / Private Company. We can assist you with this process.

Note: No new CC’s can be registered anywhere.  The Private Company (PTY) format is the best possible option to use for most Small and Medium Enterprises in South Africa. See why here.


Register a new Company in South Africa
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