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Grants (CIS Program by the Dti)

Do you want to apply for a Government Grant for your Company? The Dti has launched the CIS Grant Program which enables Businesses to get funding. We provide you with the six necessities required to do this Grant Application. Apply online below.


Activities that your business must do to qualify for the Co-operatives Incentive Scheme (CIS)grant-online

  • Business development services (e.g. feasibility studies; business, manufacturing and production systems; and production efficiency and improvement, etc);
  • Infrastructure linked to the project (e.g. 3-phase electricity; boreholes, etc.);
  • Commercial vehicles;
  • Technological improvements;
  • Machinery, equipment and tools;

Activities that would disqualify your business

  • Activities that are already funded by other government grants;
  • Cost of acquiring buildings;
  • Costs associated with tenders;
  • Gambling related activities;
  • Cost of building of office structures and factories;
  • Operation cost such as rent and salaries.
  • Liquor related activities;


Application Process

Timeframe 6 weeks, see the full process to be followed at the Dti below:




We offer the six necessities you need for Grants in South Africa (see below). For assistance with any of these, contact us tollfree on 0800 007 269.

  1. Co-operative Registration
  2. Business Bank Account
  3. BEE Affidavit / BEE Certificate
  4. Tax Registration and Tax Verification
  5. Tax Clearance Certificate
  6. Professional Business Plan

After Company Registration

We supply you with the infrastructure you need to apply for the grant YOURSELF – we do not assist with the Grant Application process. You can open / download the application form and apply for the Grant via the Dti directly.


APPLY within 1 minute by completing our easy online application form below.

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