Health and Safety Plan

Do you need to compile a Health and Safety Plan for your Company? Our Health and Safety Plan Specialist can assist. You can be located anywhere in South Africa, as this is an online service.

What is a Health and Safety Plan and how can we assist?

A Health and Safety Plan is a summary of the risks and procedures of construction work which your Company is undertaking. For each site, activity or project of a Company, a Health and Safety Plan is required. This plan is set up in accordance with the Client’s Health and Safety specifications, which are based on the OHS Act and Regulations.

The Health and Safety Plan is approximately 20 pages long and it includes the following:

  • The nature of the Project;
  • Project details, for example contact details;
  • Health and Safety principles and objectives of the Project;
  • Communications and Management of work;
  • Incident reporting structures;
  • Emergency plans and procedures;
  • Risk control;
  • Method(s) of providing safety information to the Client.
  • Safe work procedures.

Our Health and Safety File Specialist, Corne Crowe will facilitate the compilation of your Health and Safety File, specific to your Project / Tender requirements and site work.

Price: R 2230 for a Health and Safety Plan (all inclusive) within 4 working days (if all the required information is received from you – we will assist you along the way).


Advantages to have a Health and Safety Plan

Contacts & Tenders: Numerous Contracts or Tenders require you to have a Health and Safety Plan in place to perform any work on a construction site. Without this Plan you will not be able to get these large Contracts or Tenders.


The Process

  1. Apply below.
  2. We compile your Health and Safety File Plan.
  3. You will receive your Health and Safety File Plan from us.


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