Ignitor Startup Acceleration

Need mentors and connections? Want to turn your ideas into a Company? Or grow your small business into an International Company? Our partners, Ignitor, will mentor and connect you at no cost. It’s a sponsored program.

At Ignitor you will learn how to start up, grow your customers, get funding for your business and much more. You will receive access to many mentors, which includes over 100 CEO’s, designers, HR professionals, lawyers and many more. If you are serious about your business, these startup experts also do 1-on-1 coaching sessions with you. 



Ignitor runs different Accelerator Training Programs during the year. To view the current Ignitor Accelerators.

Some of the topics that you will learn about include the following. 

  • Sales: Learn how to sell like the best entrepreneurs.
  • Execution: Learn how to improve your productivity.
  • Fund Raising: Learn how to do fund raising according to best practices.
  • Marketing: Learn how to lower the cost of acquiring new customers.
  • Legal: Learn how to set up the right legal structures.


Program overview

  • Online Training: There are modules that include advice on the best practice that will help with the challenges that your company faces.
  • 3 Day Boot Camp: There will be a 3 day seminar that will teach you about how the best companies in the world start and grow new businesses.
  • 3 Month Acceleration: In this phase, you will received 1-on-1 mentoring twice a month where you will be introduced to mentors which are specialists in your industry. 


Are you ready? 

We advise that you are at the “GROW” phase before visiting an Accelerator Training Program:

Register - Empower - Grow.


If you would like to find out more about Ignitor, you can visit their Website or Contact us.