Import / Export License

Do you need an Import / Export Number to trade internationally? We can Register you or your Company for an Import / Export Number at SARS. Apply online here.


Individuals or businesses which are importing or exporting goods for commercial reasons (or to the value of R2500+) need to be registered with South Africa’s customs for an Import / Export Number. This number is obtainable from SARS. It is also known as an Importer’s / Exporter’s Customs Code. Or ‘Customs Registration’.


Requirements:Import / Export Number, Register your Company, Import / Export Number at SARS

1. Bank Account. You need an active Bank Account at one of South Africa’s major banks. 

2. South African Address. Upon registration SARS will require a valid Business / Home Address in South Africa. 


Advantages to Register for an Import / Export Number:

1. Clearance at Customs. You will be able to clear goods at SA’s customs when moving goods in / or out of the country.

2. Payments. You will be able to make or receive payments for goods that has been purchased or sold internationally.

3. Once-off License. The license lifetime is permanent.

4. Compliance. You will be complaint to the requirements of ETC’s and EMC’s.

Export Trading Company (ETC): The country’s ETC will investigate at what a foreign buyer wants. They will then look for a domestic company that will be willing to export that specific product.

Export Management Company (EMC): This company will assist another company to sell its goods overseas. The EMC will handle all the administration, such as marketing, arranging the shipping, promotions and in some cases, financing. An EMC has a specialization in a product or foreign market. They are often paid a retainer plus commission.


The Process:

1. Apply below. After you have applied below we will request payment of the fees and information from you. We can then setup your application for this service.

2. SARS Offices. We will then visit SARS’s offices on your behalf. If you did it yourself, this process could take months. If you are not a SARS specialist, who understands their systems and have relationship with the Management, SARS’s services become a challenge. 

3. Receive your Import / Export Number. Our SARS Department will ensure that you or your Company is registered for an Import / Export Number in the quickest possible timeframe.


Our in-house Tax Practitioner, Jack Liebenberg, is affiliated with:

Import / Export Number, Register your Company, Import / Export Number at SARS Import / Export Number, Register your Company, Import / Export Number at SARS


SARS Service


Tax Registration Verification R 490
Tax Clearance Combo (Includes Tax Registration Verification) R 990
VAT Registration (Mandatory / Voluntary) R 1 990
Turnover Tax Registration R 970
UIF / PAYE / SDL R 1 890
Import / Export License
R 3 750

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