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ITAC Permit

Do you need an ITAC Permit to Import Second Hand Goods? If so, we can assist you to get an ITAC Permit within 1 Month from SARS @ only R2990.

SARS Requires an ITAC Permit from Companies who want to import Second-hand goods into South Africa. It is otherwise also known as an ‘Import Permit’. Any imported products that has been “used” or “refurbished” falls under this Imports Category. Good will be identified as Second-hand on the commercial invoice / waybill received from your supplier. We can assist you to get an ITAC Permit within 1 month. Apply on this page or call us toll free for consultation.

Requirements for an ITAC Permit.

  1. Import License (we can assist).
  2. Tax Clearance Certificate (we can assist).


Price: R2990 (All Inclusive).

Note that SARS will directly charge you an additional R1030 per permit.


Timeframe: 1 Month.


To get your ITAC Import Permit, please complete the following form and we will contact you.

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