Letter of Good Standing

Do you need a Letter of Good Standing from the Compensation Fund? We are experts in Workmans Compensation Fund Services – including a Letter of Good Standing. We will be able to assist you to get yours within 48 hours.

The COID Act states that all South African Companies who employ one or more Employees must be COID Registered and pay Returns of Earnings fees annually. This COID registration acts as an insurance to Employees and Employers in cases where employees are injured on the job. To get a Letter of Good Standing, apply on this page below or call us toll free.

Requirements to get a Letter of Good Standing

1. COID Registered: You must be COID Registered and have a COID Registration Number to prove it (we can assist).

2. Returns of Earnings: All Employers who are registered at the Compensation Fund, need to Submit and Pay their Annual Fees. Without successful submission and payment of these annual fees, the Employer will not obtain a Letter of Good standing. This process is sometimes very time consuming and complicated. We will assist you in a faster and professional manner with this. If you still need to do this, request consultation below.


The Main Advantage of a Letter of Good Standing

To apply for most Contracts and Tenders, your Company will have to submit a Letter of Good Standing. This Letter states that you are in good standing with the Compensation Commissioner and you have met all their requirements.














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