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New Logo Design

Does your Company need a Logo that connect with your Clients? Each successful Company in South Africa has a great logo!  A logo is the central point of a Company’s Brand. It communicates and creates awareness to the Public that a Company is professional and trustworthy.

Your logo can be described as a visual representation of what your Company stands for. Think of McDonald’s golden “M” or the Nike swoosh…
These two impressive logos embody these Companies well… and everyone knows how it looks!
Once you have the ‘Basic Image’ for your Company in the form of a Company Logo, you can then setup your Company’s:

(1) Letterhead
(2) Business Cards
(3) Email Signature

These three aspects will give your Company a ‘Professional Status Identity‘.


Here Follows Examples of the Quality of Logos

Our Logo Designer Can Design for Your

Company for Only R1290.

 Click Here To View More Examples!

What’s The Cost ?

Website Design, Hosting and Branding Services

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Business Website (Once-Off plus R149 monthly hosting)R129012 working days
New Logo (Custom Design)R129010 working days
Professional Branding Package (Business Website, Logo Design and Brand Designs) (Save)R199010 working days
My Online Shop (Upgrade my website to E-commerce Status)R69907 working days


All Our Logos and Website Templates Are Designed and Developed In-House by our Professional Logo and Website Designer.


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