New Logo Design

Does your Company have a logo that connects with your clients? Each great company in South Africa has a great logo!  A logo is the central point of a Company’s Brand. It also communicates to the public that a company is professional and trustworthy.

Your logo can be described as a visual representation of what company stands for. Think of McDonald’s golden “M” or the Nike swoosh… These two impressive logos embody these companies well; and basically everyone knows how it looks! When you have the ‘Basic Image’ for your company in the form of a Company Logo, you can setup your company’s (1) Letterhead, (2) Business Cards, and an (3) Email Signature.  These three aspects will give your company’s image the ‘Professional Status’.

Advantages of having a ‘Professional Status’?

sky-logoIt enables you to be taken serious when applying for Tenders and Contracts.

It also enables you to:

1. Do sales with confidence in your brand.
2. Promote your business online.
3. Get better deals from suppliers.
4. Build loyalty for customers.


How should your Company’s logo look?

Our award winning designer will figure that out with you… Apply below to start. We will also advise you on you’re Company’s other branding needs that you may be interested in:

Branding & Online Presence Price Timeframe
Logo and Brand Designs R1 590 10 days
Start-up Website R 990 7 days
Full Brand Package R 2490 10 days
Online Marketing (Facebook and Google) R 550 2 days
Brand and Online Marketing Package R 3290 20 days

New Logos

Our professional designer designs your logo and other branding material from scratch! 

Click here to view some of our designer’s work and see what we can do for your Company at a great price.


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