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NCCA Registration (Facilitation)

Do you need NCCA Registration for your Cleaning Company? We can assist by facilitating the entire process. We setup the application and liaise with the Top NCCA Officials to ensure that your Cleaning Company is Registered with NCCA within 2 Week. Afterwards your Company will be fully compliant for Cleaning Tenders and Contracts in South Africa.

You can be based anywhere in South Africa as this is an online process. Just complete and submit the easy registration form below, and a friendly Consultant will contact you. Toll Free Support on 0800 007 269.

The National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA) is the regulatory body for Cleaning Companies. Although it is not mandatory to register with NCCA it is essential in the tender process. Thus, should you wish to start a Cleaning Company which will be applying for tenders in South Africa, it is mandatory that you are registered with the NCCA.


NCCA Registration Requirements (we can assist with everything).


Advantages of NCCA Registration.

(1) Registered Cleaning Services Provider in South Africa.

Your Company will be listed at the NCCA as a registered, verified, legitimate NCCA Company. This will enable you to get jobs and tenders for which your unregistered competitors will never be eligible for.

(2) Grants, Contracts and Tenders.

When applying for finance or any type of cleaning work (such as contracts and tenders), you will need to be registered with the NCCA. Thus, many opportunities will open for your company.


NCCA Fees.

The NCCA will require Membership Fees upon application, monthly and annually – which will allow you to stay a registered NCCA Provider. Note that NONE of these fees are included in our facilitation fee. Here follows a breakdown of the fees.

  • Application: R2232
  • Monthly: R75
  • Annual (starting 12 months from now): R2350


Our Facilitation Fee to Register you with the NCCA: R 2 890.

Timeframe: 10 working days.


(1) Consult & Provide Templates.

Firstly we will study your business’ position and advise you on the documentation required. We will also setup the application documents that the NCCA requires. Note that the fee payable to Company Partners is a facilitation fee for the process. The NCCA will charge you a separate Administration / Application Fee.

(2) Application Submission.

Once we have all the documents which the NCCA requires prepared, we will stand in the queues at the NCCA Office on your behalf. We will then confirm with you once your documents have been registered with the NCCA.

(3) Certification.

Your Company will then become a registered Cleaning Company at the NCCA which will allow you to start trading. We will confirm this soonest.

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