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NGO Registration @ Only R1990

NGO Registration in South Africa – We can assist for only R1990! To Register Your NGO / NPO, just complete and submit the easy registration form below, and we will contact you asap. Toll free support on 0800 007 269.


Definition of an NGO

The NGO is a “Non-Governmental Organisation”. These funds can be raised from Government donations, but it maintains a non-governmental position – with no need for a Government council. It can not tender for Government projects. In South Africa you cannot do an NGO registration, we call it an NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) Registration. An NPO serves exactly the same purpose as an NGO.


Requirement to register: Non-Profit Company (NPC) 

To register a NGO / NPO to get an NPO number, you need to back your entity with a formal document called an NPC. We can assist you with all of these.

Price: R1990

This price includes both your NPC and NPO Registration.


Facts About NGO Registrations (Called NPO in South Africa)

1. If any Director / Shareholder want to tender for Government projects, you may NOT register.

2. If you want to register in South Africa, your only option is to apply for an NPO Registration (start below). If you need an NGO Company Format for international matters, you’ll need to register in another country.

South Africans register for an NPO which enables them to get Government funding. Just complete the easy NPO registration form below to start.

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