NGO Registration

NGO Registration in South Africa – We can help!


Definition of an NGO

The NGO is a “Non-Governmental Organisation”. These funds can be raised from Government donations, but it maintains a non-governmental position – with no need for a Government council. It can not tender for Government projects.

Exclusions for NGO Registrations

You are excluded to register an NGO if:

1. If any the Director / Shareholder want to tender for Government projects – please apply for an NPO Registration.

2. If your Organisation’s sole purpose is to create and increase community welfare. Meaning, all the income of the Organisation will be used to serve the community, then you need an NPO Registration.

3. If you want to register your business in South Africa, your only option is to apply for an NPO Registration.

South Africans register for an NPO which enables them to get Government funding:


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