NHBRC Registration

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The National Home Builders Registration Council ( NHBRC ) requires that all new houses must comply with South African building standards. Due to this requirement you’ll need a NHBRC Registration Number to apply for Building Tenders / Contracts. To register with the NHBRC, apply on this page below or call our toll free number for free consultation.

Requirements for NHBRC Registration in South Africa:

Cost to Register with the NHBRC

R 3490 once-off for NHBRC Registration Only.

The R 3490 service option is our facilitation fee for your NHBRC application. The NHBRC will also charge you a direct once-off Registration fee of R745.61 and an annual Membership fee of R526.32.

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CIDB and NHBRC Package

We also offer a Construction Company Package wich includes Registration at CIPC, SARS, CIDB and NHBRC. See more information about our Construction Company Package here.

The NHBRC Registration Test

NHBRC requires you to pass a test before granting your NHBRC Registration Number. A representative of your Company (your Technical Manager) will need to sit this test. It is an open book test, and we will assist with examples of possible test questions.

The Act

The Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act, 1998 ( Act No 95 of 1998 ) makes provision for the protection of housing consumers. This act provides for the establishment of the National Home Builders Registration Council ( NHBRC ) which needs to apply the “Act” through required regulations and procedures as stated in the Government Gazette 1 December 1999 and Home Building Manuals Parts 1,2 & 3 February 1999. The NHBRC needs to warrant any residential dwelling against poor workmanship resulting into structural defects and thus safety issues.

The following types of dwellings are covered by “the Act”.

  • Employee/Corporate Housing
  • Houses
  • Town houses
  • Rented Homes
  • Maisonnettes
  • Flats
  • Additions and alterations are not covered by “the Act. Owner Builders must apply through the NHBRC for exemption.

building house on blueprints with worker - construction projectWhat does this Act mean for Construction Companies?

All Developers and Contractors that are involved with building residential dwellings, need to Register with the NHBRC. To apply for any contracts or tenders, a Construction Company also needs to be registered with the CIDB.

Advantages of NHBRC Registration in South Africa

  • All registered Contractors or Developers can apply for contracts and government tenders.
  • You gain the trust of your Clients, Investors and Banks.

Requirements to Register with the NHBRC:

Make sure you have everything required to register at the NHBRC; or otherwise contact us for a quote – we can assist your with any of the required services below.

Additional Services:

For more information on services that are linked to this industry, see below.

Notes on the NHBRC Registration test:

Only 2 attempts are allowed per Company to pass the test. The test needs to be passed within 2 weeks from the date you paid the NHBRC’s Registration fee invoice (we will advise). If the Test is not passed within 2 attempts, then the NHBRC Registration will be cancelled.

The test takes place Mondays to Fridays, 10am or 2 pm at the NHBRC branch where we will submit your application (your nearest NHBRC branch).

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