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Personal Income Tax Registration at SARS

We assist with Personal Income Tax Registration for individuals at SARS. SARS requires all individuals in South Africa who earn an income to be registered for Personal Income Tax. Toll free support on 0800 007 269.


Definition of Personal Income Tax

Personal Income Tax is paid on your taxable income. SARS requires all individuals in South Africa to pay Income tax and be tax registered.
If you need to register for Company Income Tax, please click here to read more / apply. 

Taxable Income includesregistertaxsars

  • Remuneration (income from employment), such as, salaries, wages, bonuses, overtime pay, taxable (fringe) benefits, allowances and certain lump sum benefits
  • Director’s fees
  • Profits or losses from a business or trade
  • Investment income, such as interest and foreign dividends
  • Income or profits arising from an individual being a beneficiary of a trust
  • Rental income or losses
  • Pension income
  • Annuities
  • Income from royalties
  • Certain capital gains

Who needs to pay Personal Income Tax?

If you earn more than R 75 804 in 2018 (R 6 317 per month before any deductions) you are liable to pay Income Tax.

If you are 65 years of age or older, the tax threshold (i.e. the amount above which income tax becomes payable) increases to R 117 384 (R 9 782 per month). If you are 75 years and older, this annual threshold is R 131 208 (R 10 934 per month).

How do I get a Personal Income Tax Registration Number?

You firstly need to register for Income Tax at SARS.  Our professional tax accountant (who has a rich knowledge about the processes at SARS) will prepare your documents, get your Tax Registration Number and send it to you. The easy process follows:

1. Apply online using the application form below.
2. Our professional accountant request your information and represent you at SARS (we assist).
3. You will receive your Personal Tax Registration number within a week.

Only 1 Easy Requirement: A certified copy of your South African ID book

Price: R 770 for one individual.

APPLY within 1 minute by completing our easy tax registration form below.

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