PSIRA Registrations

Do you need PSIRA Registration for your Security Company? We can assist by facilitating the entire process – setting up the application; standing in the queues at PSIRA and ensuring that your Security Company is compliant for Tenders and Contracts. Just complete and submit the easy online registration form below and a friendly Consultant will contact you.

The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is the Governing Body and Regulatory Authority for the private security industry. Thus, should you wish to start a Security Company, it is mandatory that you are registered with PSIRA.


Requirements to get registered at PSIRA:register-security-company
  • Business Plan (1-5 Years) – we can assist you with this if required. 
  • Company Registration Documents (CK1 or 14.3) – we can assist you with this if required. 
  • ID DOCUMENT/S or PASSPORT/S (only for non-South Africans)
  • Proof of Address
  • PSIRA Certificate for each Director (Certified) – we will assist.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate – we can assist you with this if required.
  • Offices with: A desk; A Chair; Working fax machine; Working Telkom line; Lockable filing cabinet; Personal Computer (Not a laptop, your PC must be immovable).


Advantages of PSIRA Registration:

(1) You will become a registered Security Provider

Your Company will be listed at PSIRA as a registered, verified, legitimate Security Company. This will enable you to get jobs for which your unregistered competitors will never be eligible.

(2) Grants, Contracts and Tenders

When applying for finance or any type of security work (such as contracts and tenders), you will need to be registered with PSIRA. Thus, many opportunities will open for your Company.


Cost: R2990 (full facilitation)


Process of Registering at PSIRA

(1) Consult & Provide Templates

Firstly we will study your business’ position and advise you on the documentation required. We will also setup the letters that PSIRA requires. Note that the fee payable to Company Partners is a facilitation fee for the process. PSIRA will charge you a separate non-refundable application fee of R5700.

(2) Application Submission

Once we have everything PSIRA requires, we will stand in the queues at the PSIRA Office on your behalf. We will then confirm with you once your documents have been registered with PSIRA. Note that this is where our service as facilitator stops. Only the Site Visit then needs to be done by PSIRA Personnel before the registration is completely finished.

(3) Site Visit

PSIRA will then confirm when they want to do a site visit to make sure your Office(s) is up to PSIRA’s standards. Which means the office(s) must be equipped with: A desk; A Chair; Working fax machine; Working Telkom line; Lockable filing cabinet; Personal Computer (Not a laptop, your PC must be immovable).

(4) Certification

Your Company will then become a registered Security Company with PSIRA which will allow you to start trading and tender.




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