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Company Documents

Do you need Company Documents? If you have already Registered a Company or CC, we can retrieve your Original Company Documents (CK1 or Cor14.3 Document) OR Certificate of Confirmation from CIPC (see more info below). If you never had Company Documents, you still need to register your Business – we can help.

To start the process, apply on this page below or call our toll free number for free consultation.

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Original Company Documents (CK1 or Cor14.3 Document)

This includes ALL the CIPC Company registration documents which are applicable to your existing company. For CC’s it would be the CK documents and for Pty’s the CoR documents. These company registration documents (located at CIPC’s head office) serve as proof  that your company / CC is registered.  CIPC stores an electronic and hard-copy document at their head-office for all the registered Companies / CC’s.  We will retrieve the electronic file, certify it and email it to you.

Timeframe: 3 – 8 Weeks if your Company was registered after 2013. If your Company was registered before 2013, it can take up to 6 months.
Cost: R 790.

Certificate of Confirmation from CIPC (alternative to CK1 or Cor14.3 Document)

See example here. If you want to retrieve a Certificate of Confirmation of any other South African Company to view their information, you can also do so by applying for the “CIPC Certificate of Confirmation” on our application form (at the bottom of this page). It contains the following information of a registered CC or Company:

1. Company / CC Registration Number
2. Company / CC’s Postal and Physical Address
3. Details of all the Company / CC’s current Directors / Members

Timeframe: 24 hours. 
Cost: R 350.

Company Documents for a New Company (Cor14.3 Document)

We can either sell you existing Company Documents using a Shelf Company – this costs R1990 and takes 5 minutes online. Alternatively we can register new Company Documents for you – this costs R990 and takes 1 week online.

Timeframe: 24 hours – 1 week.
Cost: R 990 – R1990.

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