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Share Certificates

Every Company in South Africa needs to have Share Certificates for their Shareholders. We prepare these Legal Certificates for Clients all over South Africa – the right way @ R490 within 48 hours. Start below or call us toll free on 0800 007 269.

A Share Certificate is a physical, written document signed by the Directors of a Company, and serves as legal proof of each Director’s sharesshareholding / ownership in the Company. These Certificates need to be prepared according to the Companies Act of 2008 through a Company Secretary.  If the process is not followed accurately, the Certificates will be declared invalid in court by law.

When is a Share Certificate needed:

1. Banks. Most banks requires new companies to have valid Share Certificate when opening a bank account.

2. Change of Shareholding. If Share Holders are added or removed, the original Share Certificates will be required. 

3. In Court. This document is proof of your ownership in a Company – if there is ever a dispute which are taken to court, this document will be the difference between a Shareholder’s success or failure to prove ownership in a Company. 

In Summary:

A Share Certificate is proof of how much ownership a person has in a specific Company.

Cost of Share Certificates:

Only R 490 for up to 4 Certificates.


48 hours.

Existing Companies may need other services before they can issue Share Certificates to new shareholders. Read about Share Transfers, Share Registers and much more.

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