Shareholders Agreement – in terms of South Africa’s Companies Act of 2008

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A Shareholders Agreement is setup to protect the shareholders of a Company. It helps to establish a relationship between the Shareholders and how the Company is managed. It sets out the duties and rights of the shareholders. It also regulates the sale of shares within the Company. If there is more than one Shareholder in a Company, it is imperative to have a Shareholders Agreement.


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Why do I need a Shareholders Agreement?

  • It offers Shareholders greater protection.
  • A Shareholders Agreement is important to determine the basis of important decision making in a Company.
  • It minimises disputes amongst the Directors and Shareholders of a Business.

Advantages of a Shareholders Agreement

  • All the share holders are kept accountable.
  • Shareholders are protected against lawsuits.
  • It will insure a clear partnership understanding.
  • It shows how the Company is managed on a daily basis.
  • Shareholders can be prevented from selling their shares to someone outside of the Company, making sure that the other Shareholders get the first option.

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