Shelf Companies on Sale

Do you Urgently Need a Company? Get a Shelf Company right here within 5 Minutes. Choose Your Shelf Company Option below and we’ll send the Company Registration Document Upon Payment. Pricing Starts at Only R1990 (All Inclusive).

Optional: Add a Bank Account / Tax Clearance / VAT Number.

Price for Shelf Company Options:

  • URGENT 2016 Shelf Company (with Name Change) @ R1990 (SPECIAL!) (All Inclusive)
  • URGENT 2016 Shelf Company (with Name Change & Nedbank Account) @ R2490 (All Inclusive)
  • URGENT 2016 Shelf Company (with Name Change & Nedbank Account & Tax Clearance) @ R3490 (All Inclusive)


What makes a Shelf Company better than a New Company Registration?

  1. Start Trading Today – Upon payment you get your COR14.3 Shelf Company Registration Documents. If you pay via Credit Card, this will take only 5 minutes. If you pay via EFT / Bank Deposit, this will take 24 hours.
  2. Business Advantage – With a 2016 Registration Number your Tender / Contract / Finance Application will have an edge over younger companies. Gain more trust with an older Company Registration Number.
  3. Receive Money Today – Receive money ASAP into your Business Bank Account. Your Bank Account Details are also send to you upon payment.
  4. FREE Services are included – Share Certificates, a Tax Number, Email Accounts and Official BEE Affidavit.

Please note: A Shelf Company is more expensive than a normal Company Registration. If you can wait 1 week for your Company, rather look at our cheaper options – click here to Register a New Company here for only R990.

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