Shelf Companies


Get a Shelf Company with a 2016 (Year) Registration Number for Only R1990 (All Inclusive)!

Need a Company Registration Number TODAY? We offer a variety of Shelf Company Options with which you can start trading IMMEDIATELY! All Options Includes Free Share Certificates, a Tax Number and an Official BEE Affidavit. You can add a Nedbank Business Bank Account linked to the Shelf Company to start receiving money ASAP.


Why is a 2016 Registration Number Important?

All our Shelf Companies were registered at CIPC in 2016 – just because the older your Company Registration Number is, the better your chances are to start your business successfully:

  1. Win more Tenders.
  2. Get more Financing options.
  3. Get Great Prices from suppliers and office rental companies.

From a ‘compliance perspective’ your company is “older” than a company registered today. Note that all of our Shelf Companies has never traded before. Learn more about Shelf Companies here.


What makes a buying a Shelf Company better than a New Company Registration?

  1. The 2016 Registration Number opens doors for your Start-up.
  2. Trade Immediately after buying a Shelf Company.
  3. You can have an active Business Bank Account within 48 hours! Note that they’ve NOT been opened in 2016.
  4. FREE Share Certificates, a Tax Number and Official BEE Affidavit are all included!

Please note: A Shelf Company is more expensive than a normal Company Registration. If you can wait 1 week for your Company, rather look at our cheaper options – you can Register a New Company here.


Limited Availability!

As we have a LIMITED AMOUNT OF 2016 SHELF COMPANIES AVAILABLE, we cannot ‘book’ a Shelf Company for you. They are sold on a ‘first come – first serve’ basis. So we suggest you get your 2016 Shelf Company before stock runs out! Our 2015 Shelf Companies, starts at R4990 – call 0800 007 269 if you want one of these.


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