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Setting Up Your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Do you need to setup a Standard Operating Procedures Document to apply for a Tender or Contract in South Africa? Our Attorney will setup your SOP ASAP @ Only R2290.

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Document sets out the step-by-step operations of your Company. A SOP simplifies business operations by placing all your business rules and procedures in a centralised location. It is a requirement for big projects and tenders. You can try to figure it out yourself or outsource the setup of the document to our Lawyer. Apply online below or call our office for toll free consultation.

Specialised Policies and Procedures which we can also include in you SOP follows:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Financial Policy
  • Disaster Policy
  • IT Policy
  • Compliance Policy
  • HR Policy


Requirements to setup a Standard Operating Procedure Document (SOP)


Our Standard Operating Procedure / SOP Specialist

Our internal Attorney, Tsitsi Kinnear has over 6 years’ experience with SOP’s. She also has a Law Degree from the University of South Africa.

Price: R2290 (All Inclusive)

Note that this will include a Standard SOP according to the general basic requirements of Tenders in South Africa. For any ‘custom clauses’ or additional information that needs to be addressed, we will quote you additionally.


Timeframe: 2 Weeks

Note that this is how long it takes to setup the SOP Document after making payment.


SOP Advantages

(1) Get Tenders / Contracts in South Africa
Many Tenders and Contracts will require a Standard Operating Procedures Document on your premises. To apply for more jobs, get a SOP ready soonest.

(2) Role Definition
Change & Growth Requires Structure. So, if you bring in new employees or change the roles of existing employees – their roles need to be clearly defined in the Standard Operating Procedures Document. Then everyone will understand where everyone fits into the bigger picture and you will save much time, money and frustration.

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