Business Start-up Process

There are ‘necessities’ and ‘investments’ when it comes to business services when starting a new Company… it all depends on what you NEED to start-up. We mainly assist companies in three phases: (1) Launch; (2) Formalise; (3) Grow.

As soon as the necessities are covered which enables a company to launch, the business can start trading and generate an income before investing any more capital into the business’ formalisation / potential growth. But it really depends on your type of business, for example – if you want to tender, you need to complete the Launch and Formalise phase asap. We aim to ensure you do not undercapitalise or overcapitalise in business services when starting out.

We would advise the typical business to get the basic services to ‘Launch’:

We ensure that this ‘launch phase’ is done within 1 month and costs our clients less than R4 000. After the company has launched and starts to generate an income, it would be a good idea to ‘upgrade’ by initiating the ‘Formalise’ and ‘Grow’ phase as per the diagram below.

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