Register a Security Company (PSIRA Requirements)

Want to start a Security Company in South Africa? We can Register a Security Company for you to apply for Tenders and Contracts. We do the FULL Security Company Setup according to PSIRA’s Requirements. We also guarantee the quickest possible timeframe. Apply below or contact us toll free on 0800 007 269. 


To start a Security Company in South Africa you must first Register a Company, preferably with one or more business partner(s) who has Individual PSIRA Grading (we can assist). After Security Company Registration you’ll need various compliance documents (we can assist); and only then register with the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). This includes paying registration fees and writing an exam – which will enable you to apply for Security Contracts and Tenders. Apply on this page below or call us toll free for consultation.


Main Requirements for Starting a Security Company in South Africa.


Security Company Pricing: R990 / R2490 / R5990

Pty Only @ R990: If you only like to Register your Security Company for now, and get your PSIRA compliance in order later, follow this fast route. This will ensure that your Security Company Name is registered with CIPC and that no-one else can register the same Company name in South Africa. Once you have more budget available, you can register your Company with PSIRA (we can assist) which will then enable you to apply for security tenders and contracts in South Africa.

PSIRA Only @ R2490: If your Security Company is already registered and all your compliance is in order it will cost R2490 for PSIRA Registration to get your Security Company ready for tenders. This process takes 1 month to complete.

Full Package @ R5990: If your Security Company is NOT yet registered and you still need all your compliance documents, it costs R5990 for everything, including your PSIRA Registration. This process takes 1-2 months to complete.



To start a Security Company in South Africa, you will be required to invest a lot of cash and time into your new business. Those who do make it are normally very successful. Be sure that you are an Entrepreneur who is serious about making a success before you consider the security industry.

Types of Security Companies in South Africa. You are defined by what you offer:

  • Security services;
  • Security products;
  • A mix of security services and products.

We also assist with PSIRA Grading for Individual Security Officers. To get Graded as an individual you will need to prepare for the Registration Tests at PSIRA and then follow PSIRA’s procedures. We can assist – our Partner is fully accredited with both PSIRA and SASSETA and can provide all courses for you. They can also assist with recruitment and criminal checks. Contact Us toll free on 0800 007 269 for assistance.


Why Register with PSIRA?

We can register you with PSIRA South Africa. The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is the Governing Body and Regulatory Authority for the private security industry. Should you wish to start a Security Company, it is mandatory that you are registered with PSIRA. We can assist you by facilitating the entire process – setting up the application; standing in the queues at PSIRA and ensuring that your Security Company is fully compliant for all Security Tenders and Contracts. Once your Security Company is registered you can get listed at PSIRA and find some clients. Contact Us toll free on 0800 007 269 for more info.

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