Payment Successful

Your payment was successfully made, you should receive confirmation from the Payment Gateway soon.  We are looking forward to be of assistance to you with the registration of your new Private Company with the CIPC.

Take a look at the information regarding the process below:

We will follow the procedures below now:

a. Name Reservation. We will start the reservation of your Private Company name with the CIPC immediately.

b. Company Registration. Once the name is reserved, we will immediately continue with the registration.

c. Certification. Your Company will be registered with the CIPC and Department of Trade and Industry and you will receive your original Registration Documents via email.


As soon as we have received the outcome of your Name Reservation application, we will inform you by email.

To continue we need the following information from you:

(1) Company and Directors’ Information

(2) ID Documents

(3) Signed Power of Attorney


Below follows a description of (1), (2) and (3) in more detail:

1. Carefully Complete and Submit the online ‘Company and Director Information Form’ by by clicking HERE.  We will receive this document on submission.


Please ensure that all information is accurately completed in full, as this information will appear on your final Company Documents.

2. Get certified copies of each Director’s ID (or Passport) document: 

-Photocopies of all ID’s must be clear – Ensure the Photos, Names, Surnames and ID numbers are clearly visible and identifiable on the photocopy.

-Certified copies must be cleared and stamped by the SAPS or other relevant legal party and be dated within the last 2 months.


3. Please print the attached Special Power of Attorney Document (download it here)

– All the Directors need to complete and sign this document.

– Remember to write your preferred Company Name on this document.

– This document will enable me to represent you at CIPC for the registration process.


Please get the above documents over to us asap:

Scan the (2) Certified copies of ID’s and (3) completed Special Power of Attorney into one PDF file (if possible).  Postnet and Libraries can normally scan your documents if required.  CIPC rejects any documents which is not VERY clear.  Make sure your documents are as clear as possible. See an example of the required quality / visibility of the document here: Example of Liam Stander’s Certified ID

Then email these documents (your scanned PDF file) to


–  Email: Please make the subject line of your email to us your reference / preferred Company name (the same reference that you used when you made payment to us). Please ensure that the scanned PDF file is attached to the email.

–  We can only complete your Company Registration when steps 1, 2 and 3 have been completed exactly as requested above – please action asap.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at  0800 007 269


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