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SARS Tax Services in South Africa

Do you need a Tax Clearance Certificate, VAT Registration, PAYE and UIF? If you have a registered Company with employees – you need all of these as required by SARS. Our SARS Specialist can assist you with Tax Verification, Tax Clearance Certificates, VAT / PAYE / UIF Registrations, Import / Export Licenses, and much more.

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) requires all South African Companies to be registered for Income Tax – they already give you a Tax Number during Company Registration at the CIPC. You then need to (1) Verify the tax number at SARS; (2) Get a Tax Clearance Certificate; (3) Get a VAT Number; (4) Register for PAYE and UIF; and (5) Register for an Imports / Exports License (only if you trade internationally). Apply on this page or call us toll free for consultation.


Easy requirements for our online Tax Services:

  • Company Registration at CIPC (we can assist)
  • Tax Number (we can assist)
  • You can be based anywhere in South Africa (or the world) – as we follow an easy online process


Benefits of SARS Registrations

  • Tenders: You need a Tax Clearance Certificate, VAT Registration Number and PAYE / UIF Number for most tenders and contracts in South Africa.
  • Compliance: Your Company gets registered with SARS for Income tax upon registration – which allows SARS to trace activity on your company. If they find out you don’t comply, penalties and frozen bank accounts may follow. Getting all your compliance 100% in order is quick and may be the difference between the success & failure of your business.

Our in-house SARS Specialist and Tax Practitioner, Jack Liebenberg, is affiliated with: 

Company Tax Services which includes Tax Registration / Verification / Clearance / VAT Company Tax Services, Tax Registration, Tax Verification, Tax Clearance, VAT


Our online SARS Services (Apply below)


Tax Registration Verification R 490
Tax Clearance Certificate R 670
Tax Clearance Combo (Includes Tax Registration Verification) R 990
VAT Registration (Mandatory / Voluntary) R 2 290
UIF & PAYE & SDL Registration R 1 890
Import / Export Number from SARS R 2 450


Meet our Senior Accountants:

Meet our Accountants:


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