Tender Assistance


Looking for Tenders and assistance with the process?  Our popular ‘Tender Subscription’ (R490 pm) empowers you to apply for Tenders with our Specialist’s assistance. It also includes the latest Tender Leads and a ‘BEE Affidavit’ which recently replaced the ‘BEE Certificate’. Our graph below breaks down everything you’ll get with our BEE Tender License in three basic steps (Register, Empower, Grow).



What’s the finer details of all 3 steps in the Full Tender Service?

STEP #1: Register

After signing up for our Full Tender Service and filling our our 15-minute form, you’ll receive a License to access to the following:

All the available Tender opportunities on our system – over 10 000 Active Tenders.
All the Funding opportunities available to your business at its specific stage
A list of all the outstanding Company Registration Documents* you need before you can submit a complete Tender or Funding applications.

BONUS: You’ll receive a free BEE Affidavit.

* Any additional documents, not included in the license, can be ordered from our list of over 120 Company Documentation services.

We have the largest range of Tenders, Funding and Company Registration Documents options available is South Africa!

Over 10 000 Active Tenders
Over 300 Funding Options
Over 120 Company Registration Services


When all the necessary documentation is in order, we assist with your first tender application!

We’ll send you the Tender Options available specific to your company.
You choose any Tender of up to R500 000.
We’ll assist you with the application process. We can’t guarantee success, but will make sure your Tender Application and Compliance is 100% in order.
You’ll gain valuable know-how, templates and information so you can submit multiple Tender applications independently after we’ve helped you with your first application.


At this stage you have everything you need to win those Tenders! You’ll have the following:

  • Practical Knowledge. If your first application does not win a Tender, you will have all the basic templates, materials and know-how to apply for more Tenders.
  • Expert Support. Our Tender Specialist offer you up to 1 hour per month telephonically or via Skype. Every month, you’ll have access to a dedicated Tender Specialist to support you with Tender applications for one hour telephonically or via Skype.
  • Access to Tender Leads. You will have continued access to all the available Tenders (10 000+) in SA on our system.
  • Access to Funding Options. You have continued access to all the available Funding opportunities (300+) in SA.
  • If you win a Tender within the first 12 months of your license, we’ll sponsor your first year’s fee! You can save over R6000! We’ll give you a full refund if you’ve paid us for a couple of months already!


We consult you on the important documents you will require for your Tender Application, and to improve your chances of success. Here are just some of the Tenders available in South Africa:

  • Building Tenders.
  • Civil Tenders.
  • Cleaning Tenders.
  • Construction Tenders.
  • Consultation Tenders.
  • Electrical Tenders.
  • Engineering Tenders.
  • Transport / Logistics Tenders.
  • Security Tenders.
  • Catering Tenders.