Tender Opportunities and Assistance

Looking for new Tender opportunities? Get access to thousands of new Tenders each month for only R149 per month! The Normal Price is R1040 per month – you save R891 per month through us. This deal is exclusively available through Company Partners.

Our Tender Leads Service gives you access to over 10 000 of the latest Tender Leads and Opportunities through TradeWorld! This is a month-to-month service which you can cancel at any time & your first month is free! If you are looking for Tender assistance, you can also choose to upgrade to our Tender Subscription Service @ R490 per month (optional). For more details about our upgraded Tender package, please see more info below.


Our Tender Subscription Service:

tender application

More info about our Tender Application Subscription service:

STEP #1: Apply

Tender Application: After signing up for our Tender Subscription, we will request all the documents needed for tenders available to your Company. We will then assist you with the entire Tender Application process. We can’t guarantee success, but will make sure your Tender Application and Compliance is 100% in order.

STEP #2: Get More Leads

Leads: If your first Tender application has been successful or not – there are new tender opportunities emerging each day. Now you will have continued access to all the available Tenders (10 000+) in South Africa on our system – which we get from over 700 Websites & 250 Newspapers.

STEP #3: Get Support and Finance

At this stage you are empowered. You will have all the basic templates, materials, tender leads and know-how to keep on applying for Tenders.

  • Finance: Once your first tender has been granted, we have finance partners who can assist you to fulfill supplier invoices (T&C’s apply).
  • Expert Support: Our Tender Specialist offer you up to 1 hour per month telephonically or via Skype.

NB! If you win a Tender within the first 12 months of your license, we’ll sponsor your first year’s fee! You can save over R6000! We’ll give you a full refund if you’ve paid us for a couple of months already! We consult you on the important documents you will require for your Tender Application, and to improve your chances of success. Here are just some of the Tenders available in South Africa:

  • Building Tenders.
  • Civil Tenders.
  • Cleaning Tenders.
  • Construction Tenders.
  • Consultation Tenders.
  • Electrical Tenders.
  • Engineering Tenders.
  • Transport / Logistics Tenders.
  • Security Tenders.
  • Catering Tenders.