Transport Companies ( or Logistics )


Do you want to start a Transportation or Logistics Company? Our Transport Registration Package includes some of the important requirements to apply for Transport Tenders and Contracts. We register your COMPLETE Transport Company with everything you require according to SANRAL’s Standards. We also guarantee the quickest possible timefame – get going within 1 week! The Online Application Form is on this page below.

The Transportation / Logistics industry is one of the largest and most diverse industries in South Africa. It is very important to communicate to your Clients the type of transport / logistics services that your Company provides. Therefore you need to decide on which service(s) you want to focus on. Below follows a summary of the opportunities existing in the two largest transport / logistics sectors:


Transportation of Goods:

These companies normally act as a third-party logistics provider for other businesses. They are firms that provide a ‘transportation service of goods’ – or sometimes they will take over all the supply chain management functions for a Client. 

Here follows a few example of these type of companies: (1) Warehousing and Distribution; (2) Door-to-Door Couriers; (3) Local or Long Haul Trucking Services; (4) A mixture of the first three options.

Transportation of People:

If you want contracts / tenders to provide transportation of staff for other Companies, you need to provide quality and consistent door-to-door transportation.

Here follows a few examples of these type of transportation companies: (1) Shuttle service; (2) A metered taxi service; (3) Minibus taxi service; (4) Bus-type service; (5) Staff transportation service; (6) Courtesy bus service and (7) more.


2x Steps to start a Transportation / Logistics Company:

Step 1: Register a Transport Package (scroll down to the application form)

Tenders / Contracts: The minimum services required to be able to apply for Tenders or Contracts follows the services included in the Transport Package as per below.

Note: We have conveniently setup packages which include these services and more, specifically for our clients who want to start a Transportation / Logistics Company. This online process now makes it quick and easy for entrepreneurs to start-up their companies. 



















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Step 2: Go and find some clients! After Step 1 is finished you can start operations.
  • Transportation of goods: SANRAL does not require you to have a specific license for transportation of ‘normal’ goods – except the appropriate Driver’s License. Please verify their latest info and requirements by contacting SANRAL.
  • Transportation of people: You can start getting contracts and acquire a Contract Operating Licence.

Here follows a list of 3 successful Transport / Logistics Companies: