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Do you need a UIF Number? If so, you need to Register for UIF at SARS and the Department of Labour. Our Experienced UIF Specialist will register your Company for UIF at one or both of these government organisations within 1 week. We follow an online process – so you can be located anywhere in South Africa to start. 

UIF stands for “Unemployment Insurance Fund”. This fund guarantees your Employees an income for a few months in case they lose their job. To register for UIF we start by registering your Company UIF at SARS – which will also give you PAYE / SDL Numbers as part of the process. If your Company employs staff, it is compulsory to register for UIF at the Department of Labour as well after the SARS Registration process has been completed. Apply on this page or call us toll free for consultation.

Requirements to Register for UIF

  1. A Company / Other Entity. You need a Registered Pty Company.
  2. A Tax Number (we can assist).


Timeframe: 1 Week


  • R890: UIF Registration at the Department of Labour.
  • R1890: UIF Registration at SARS.
  • R2690: UIF Registration at SARS and Department of Labour.


Our in-house Tax Practitioner, Jack Liebenberg, has over 30 years experience and is affiliated with:

'Pay-as-you-earn' (PAYE) / UIF and SDL, PAYE, UIF, SDL Register your company for PAYE UIF and SDL 'Pay-as-you-earn' (PAYE) / UIF and SDL, PAYE, UIF, SDL Register your company for PAYE UIF and SDL


The Process to Register Online:

1. Apply. Please complete and submit the easy online application form. A friendly Consultant will then contact you shortly.
2. We communicate with SARS and/or Department of Labour on your behalf. Our Professional Tax and UIF Practitioners ensure that your UIF/PAYE/SDL Registration is processed correctly and in good time.
3. Start using your UIF / PAYE / SDL Numbers. Our SARS / UIF Department will ensure your UIF/PAYE/SDL Registration is successful in the quickest possible timeframe. We will also email you the Payroll Tax Notice of Registration – this document contains your UIF / PAYE and SDL numbers.

Advantages to be Registered for UIF / PAYE / SDL:

1. Compliance. Employers are required to be registered under law. Massive penalties could occur if this law is ignored.
2. Employee Satisfaction. You can gain trust from Employees if your Business is registered for UIF / PAYE / SDL.
3. SDL Funding. As a Registered SDL payer, you can apply to get funding for the Skill Developments that your Company is involved with (if your Company complies with the SDL requirements).


Our other SARS Services


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'Pay-as-you-earn' (PAYE) / UIF and SDL, PAYE, UIF, SDL Register your company for PAYE UIF and SDL

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