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ISSUE DATE: 2017/09/19
CLOSE DATE: 2017/09/22
ENQUIRIES: . 0518531111
TSWELOPELE LOCAL MUN - BULTFONTEIN FWPQ18OF2017/2017 SITE PEGGING AND OPENING OF PEGS FOR APPROVED TOWNSHIP IN TIKWANA, HOOPSTAD CONSISHNG OF 652 ERVEN The scope of work for the assignment consists of the following; - Municipal and community engagements; - Pegging and opening of Erven in accordance with the approved All quotations must be faxed to 086 539 3183, or e-mailed at loapep@tswelopele,org not later than Friday, 22nd of September 2017 before 12H00. SCM related enquires to be directed to Mrs. Pusetetso Loape and SpecificationS related enquires and for specifications related enquiries to be directed to M January at 0518531111 during office hours The following terms and conditions shall apply: 1. Formal written Price Quotation must be in the letterhead of the Prospective Service Provider. 2. Bids will be evaluated in terms of the preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act using (80/20). Allocation will be 80 preference points for price and 20 preference points for B-BBEE, 3. The Relevant MBD 4 forms must be completed and submitted with the quotation, which can be downloaded from the municipality's website 4. Bidders must submit a Valid Tax Clearance Certificate or SARS Pin, no Quotation may be awarded to any tenderer/bidder whose tax matters have not been declared by the SARS to be in order. 5. Bidders are required to, together with their quotations submit a copy of a valid B-BBEE certificate to substantiate their B-BBEE rating claims. Exempted Micro Enterprise must submit a certificate issued by registered auditors or accounting officers with a practice number or submit sworn affidavits. 6. Prices on quotations must be valid for 30 (thirty) days from the dosing date. 7. No Payment will be made (in Full of Partially) prior to set up, configuration and installation of such and the municipality has up to 30 days to settle the account after receiving the relevant Invoice / statement from the Service Provider / Suppliers. 8. Suppliers should be registered with Centralised Suppliers Database with National treasury, Please provide the MAAA Number and the unique number for the SCM unit to be able to very your details with each and every request for quotation. 9. respective suppliers should also note that verification with SARS for tax status, CIPRO for registration of the business and DTI for verification of the Chartered accountant/auditor for BBBEE will be done with each and every quotation requested/received 10. Non-adherence to any of the conditions may lead to your quotation not to be considered. 11. Council reserves the right to not make an appointment on an advertised request for quotation. ##PLEASE IGNORE AND DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING BEYOND THIS LINE###SI# -- #IS##ES#SITE PEGGING AND OPENING OF PEGS#SE#

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