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Do you need to Register a Company with CIPC (Dti)? Join thousands of happy Clients who use our online Company Registration and 120 Startup Services each month. We are the Perfect Partner for Tender / Contract Compliance.

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You can be located anywhere in South Africa to use our easy online Services. All our Company Registration Services includes a Free ‘Tax Number’ and ‘Official BEE Affidavit’. Just complete and submit the easy Registration Form below and we will contact you, or request Your Free Consultation here.

Benefits of Company Registration through us:nsbc member and seda supplier


  1. Get Your Own Consultant – dedicated to your work. Book Your Free Consultation here
  2. We promise Fast and Effective online service @ CIPC / DTI. Ask your Consultant about our Money Back Guarantee.
  3. Our Requirements are simple and easy: apply online & email / fax your ID.
  4. Toll Free Consultation: You pay nothing to call us from landlines or cellphones – call us on 0800 007 269. We are here to assist.
  5. Complete Tender Empowerment: receive ALL the required Company Registration Documents from CIPC / Dti. We can also assist with Tax Clearance, VAT, BEE, COID, a Letter of Good Standing, CIDB, NHBRC, Logos, Websites and more than 120 other Business Services for Tenders!

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Company Registration South Africa – Get Ready for Tenders and Contracts!

A new Business needs numerous services and guidance to prepare for Tenders and Contracts. After we have completed your CIPC Company Registration, we can assist you through the entire Company start-up process (optional). You will have everything you need for your Tender or Contract – a new Company, BEE, Tax, VAT, Branding, Business Plan, COID, Letter of Good Standing and more! Register your Company here or contact us toll free on 0800 007 269 (toll free from landlines and cellphones).

Our CIPC Company Registration Packages are priced from only R890. Timeframes start from only 24 hours. Our Clients are based all over South Africa – we offer an easy online service. Join thousands of South Africans who receive outstanding service and support from us each month.

Included in each Company Registration package:

  • Contact your own dedicated Consultant Toll Free. We offer free advice before applying or paying. Just phone 0800 007 269 (Mon-Fri 09-16h) – we are here to assist.
  • Free Tax Number and Free Official BEE Affidavit for your new Company.
  • Our simple online system enables Clients from ANYWHERE in South Africa to Register a Company at CIPC.
  • Choose from numerous payment options with a money-back guarantee.
  • Surety of a unique Company Name. Your Company Name’s success is guaranteed. If CIPC rejects your company name options (after we have cleared it), we will apply again at our own expense.
  • We send you ALL the required Registration Documents. These include a Company Registration Certificate (CoR14.3 / CK), Appointment of Incorporators and Directors Forms (CoR14.1 and CoR14.1A) and The Memorandum of Incorporation (CoR15.1A) on request. All as per the Company Registration standards of the CIPC, Dti and the Companies Act of 2008.
  • Receive a Nedbank Business Bank Account at NO COST upon Company Registration (optional).


Just some of the benefits to use us for your Business Registration:

(1) Fast timeframes We register your Company fast and effective online. We setup your documentation in LESS than 24 hours, after which CIPC will process it.
(2) Simple requirements The only requirements for Business Registration are:
Step 1: you have to register online here, and
Step 2: then email us a copy of your ID / Passport. There is no need for you to visit CIPC or our offices, and you can be based anywhere in South Africa.
(3) Get a Dedicated Consultant
Your own dedicated professional Consultant takes care of your Company Registration process at CIPC / DTi – he or she is available on his / her email and also on a toll-free number. Learn more about our team here.
(4) Professional Service and a Money-back guarantee With more than 10 years’ experience of representing our Clients at the CIPC, the entire process run smoothly over the Internet. No lost documents and no frustration.


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Company Registration South Africa – How to Register a Company:

Option 1 (Business Registration – New Name)

We Register your new Company with your own chosen Company name. Call 0800 007 269 Toll Free to start – we are here to assist you with all your Company and Tender Needs.

Option 2 (Business Registration – Shelf Name)

We Register your new Company with one of our Shelf Names. Call 0800 007 269 Toll Free to start – we can assist you with all your Tender and Company needs.

Option 3 (Buy a Shelf Company)

Buy a Registered Company to use within 24 hours. We offer Shelf Companies with 2016 Year Registration Numbers! Call 0800 007 269 Toll Free to start – we are here to assist you with all your Company and Tender needs.

Price: R 990 all inclusive. Price: R 890 all inclusive. Price: R 1990 all inclusive.
Timeframe: Within 5 days (please verify with your Consultant).
Timeframe: Within 48 hours (please verify with your Consultant). Timeframe: Registration Number in 24 hours.
This Option is best for you if:
  • You want to ensure you get a specific Company Name which you prefer.
  • You want to follow the standard procedures for Business Registration.
  • You have time to Register a Company.
This Option is best for you if:
  • You need to be a Director of a Company ASAP for a Tender / Contract / Business Bank Account.
  • You like one of the Company Names on our Shelf.
  • You want to save money (R100) by choosing this Option instead of Option #1 at R990.
This Option is best for you if:
  • You need a Company Registration Number for a Contract / Tender ASAP.
  • You do NOT have to be listed as a Director on the Company within the next month or two.
  • You are able to pay a premium price for a Shelf Company.
Interested in this Option? How to Register a Company:

…we will firstly search the availability of your preferred Company Name with CIPC. If your preferred Company name seems to be available, we apply to reserve it with CIPC (with three alternative names if you choose so). After successful name reservation, we represent you at CIPC and register your New Company with your reserved name in the fastest time possible.

Interested in this Option? How to Register a Company:

…you will firstly have to make sure if you are happy to use one of our Shelf Company Names as the future name of your Business. If you find a business name which you like, we can start with your Company Registration immediately without the hassle (and extra time it takes) of reserving a new Company name.

Interested in this Option?

…you will firstly have to make sure you do NOT need to be the Director of the Company immediately. After purchase you will immediately get a Registration Number which is yours, but we will then have to list you as a Director. We have to a do an Amendment at CIPC for this change to be official (process included in the timeframes / price).

“Yes, I want my own Company Name!”

Register my new Company with a New Name here

“Yes, I want a Shelf Company Name to speed things up!”

Register my new Company with a Shelf Name here

“Yes, I need a Company Registration Number ASAP and I am willing to pay the premium price!”

Buy a Shelf Company here


10 More Reasons to use us for your Company Registration in South Africa:

1. Online 1-stop-shop. Register your Company over the Internet – avoid meetings and traffic. We offer an online 1-stop-shop where you register your Company online. You can also receive your new Company’s Tax Clearance Certificate, BEE, Logo, Business Bank Account and 120 other Company services – all this from the comfort of your own home or office.
2. Anyone, Anywhere can use our service – it does not matter where in South Africa you are located – we offer an easy online service.
3. Expert Consultants. A Dedicated, Experienced Consultant will be allocated to you to help you all the way. You will receive a cell phone number on which you can directly contact your Consultant. You can also contact your Consultant toll free on 0800 007 269 (free from landlines and cellphones)
4. Pricing. We offer the best pricing to you for dedicated, personal consultation in South Africa. We guarantee success – or you money back.
5. Our Tracking System. Our custom System will constantly update you on the Company Registration process via SMS and email.
6. We deal directly with CIPC and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). You do not need to worry about dealing with Government, CIPC and the DTI. Everything is done by our experienced Consultants.
7. Admin. We complete all necessary CIPC Applications correctly and review all the paperwork for you. You only need to relax and wait for your registration documents via e-mail, confirming that you may start trading.
8. Timeframes. We register your Company as fast as possible. We know time equals money, and there are no backlogs on our side. We continually monitor the process with Government to help minimise any delays with them. We have developed great relationships with Managers in CIPC.
9. Legitimacy. You can verify the existence of your Company registration on CIPC’s database once we’ve finished.
10. BackBone. As we are the largest agent for Company Partners Pty (Ltd). You are guaranteed that the service we offer you meets the standards of the best in the game since 2006. Our over 30 Consultants offer services and standards of the highest quality.

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What are the Benefits to Register a Company?

The preferred choice of a legal entity for most South African Businesses is a Pty Company. Here’s why:

1. You protect your personal life and assets from your business. If one runs a business, it is necessary to operate in a safe legal structure where your business assets and risks are separated from your personal ones.
2. You look more professional when you operate under a registered business name. If you want to obtain a big contract or tender, it is just so much more professional to trade in a Pty Company capacity than in your own name.
3. Most Suppliers and Government Departments require businesses to be registered as a Company to apply for their Tenders and Contracts. Call 0800 007 269 Toll Free to start.