UIF Certificate of Compliance (SARS)

Do you need a UIF Certificate of Compliance to tender with Government? We can assist you to get a UIF Certificate of Compliance from SARS within 1-2 weeks @ only R2790.

SARS Requires all PAYE Registered Companies to pay their UIF Contributions correctly and timely – to avoid fraud. To enforce this requirement, the Government has made a UIF Certificate of Compliance a compulsory compliance document for all Government Service Providers and Tender Applications. The UIF Certificate of Compliance confirms that your Company is in ‘good standing’ with its UIF contributions to SARS. We can assist you ASAP – apply on this page or call us toll free for consultation.

Requirements for a UIF Certificate of Compliance.

  1. UIF Registration Number at SARS as well as UIF Registration at the Department of Labour (we can assist).
  2. UIF Payments / Submissions up to date (we can assist).


Price: R2790 (All Inclusive).


Timeframe: 8 Working Days.


Our in-house Head of Accounting, Jack Liebenberg, will represent you at SARS. He has over 30 years’ experience and is affiliated with:

Company Tax Services which includes Tax Registration / Verification / Clearance / VAT Company Tax Services, Tax Registration, Tax Verification, Tax Clearance, VAT

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